God Visits

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God Visits

Steven bumps into Lizzie in the hall, but she slams the door in his face. "Open up! I'm so sorry!" he shouts, banging on the door. "Go away!" she yells. "It feels right now, so right!" he tries again. "I believe in sin! Sin is good!" But the door to Lizzie's love cave is firmly shut.

Heath wanders aimlessly down the hall. Suddenly, the strains of Suzuki's violin waft into his ears, and he drifts into her doorframe. As she plays, and her fingers work the neck of the violin, and her bow flicks frenetically up and down, and up and down, Heath is reminded once more of the point of life: hot animal sex. Tears spring to his eyes. "That was heavenly," he whispers when she finishes. Suzuki levels him with her gaze. "It sucked," she snots. We fade to black as Heath smiles weepily at her.

Perry shows up during the credits sequence. He's taunting Heath, still in the grips of his angst. "What's the matter, dollface? Down in the dumps? Sucks to be you," he jeers. Then I think we go to a different cut. "What's with you, Lloyds of London? You take one mind-blowing philosophy class and all of a sudden you're Jean-Paul Sartre?" Perry taunts again. "Now you've got that existentialist hook, too. Great, because all you need is a little more mystique. Now you've got a chance with all the freaky chicks I was gonna get!" He's really worked up, but Heath isn't listening. "I've taken so much acne medication, my lips are splitting in half!" Perry yells. Then I think we're in a different take again, although they're all edited together so you wouldn't notice unless you're paying attention to the scenery behind them, which is the same despite the fact that they've presumably been walking away from it the whole time. "This might cheer you up: You're hotter than most chicks," Perry says. "What are you doing in college, anyway? People like you don't need to know how to read." Then he says, out of the blue, "Nice nose." Heath shoves him off the sidewalk.

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