God Visits

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God Visits

It's Larice, arriving to inquire about the spare bedroom. Rachel, her eyes wide, is struck dumb. Shaggy hurriedly closes the door so Larice can't see the den of red sin they've created, while Rachel lies that the room's been filled. "It's off the market," Shaggy fibs. Larice looks despondent.

The liars barge back into the privacy of the party palace. "This is not good," Rachel panics. "She put in an application!" Can you do that? My dorm only let people move into other rooms if the people already in that room were okay with it. Lizzie should just move into the room, giving herself and Rachel a single each, and protect the suite from invaders. Shaggy reminds Rachel that they're throwing a bangin' party that weekend, despite the very obvious and disturbing presence of orange curtains in the room. Rachel -- touched briefly by guilt -- contemplates giving the room to Larice, but Shaggy protests. "She has a room," he argues. "She's not homeless, she's selfish. She just wants a better room." That's the pot calling the kettle a fat stainless-steel turd. Shaggy promises he can make Larice's application disappear because he's got a connection at the housing office. Gingerly, he reaches out and rubs Rachel's shoulders ineptly to console her.

Ron canoodles with a cute stuffed panda, goofing off with it in an adorably Ronnish way. He's sitting on Lizzie's bed while she studies, and she glances up from her studies long enough to be charmed by Ron's antics. Ron then looks up at her photo wall. "Aw, that's so cute, Eric and the dog," he oozes. "He seems like the greatest guy." Lizzie smiles that he absolutely is. Ron wonders if Lizzie will marry Eric, and blathers about how very cool that is. Lizzie's grin falters a bit at his assumption of marriage. "He must make some sweet money running that copy shop," Ron offers, his eyes wide and innocent. Lizzie admits that Eric doesn't own the shop -- he only manages it. "He doesn't make that much, and he lives with his ex-stepdad," she explains. "Oh," Ron says, allowing his face to fall a fraction. Lizzie tentatively confesses that, despite Eric's unimpeachable greatness, she did have "this weird thing" with Steven. Ron drops his jaw, raises his eyebrows right into his hairline, and fake-duhs his way into my heart. Although technically he was already in there. "Steven?" he gapes comically. "Steven Steven?" Lizzie nods proudly and giggles. "What happened? Did you guys, like, make out or something?" Lizzie nibbles her lip coyly and brims with mischief. "More than that!" she says, leaning toward him conspiratorially. "MORE?!" Ron twitters too loudly in a marvelous display of feigned shock. "Holy moly! More?" Lizzie is all aglow. Ron edges toward her. "I don't want to cross any lines here with you, Lizzie," Ron begins sincerely. "But I've personally always thought that you and Steven would seriously make, like, the cutest couple." Lizzie's deeply moved. And deeply stupid.

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