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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Rachel's machine is fast becoming an instrument of torture. Pained, she listens to Jimmy leave her a message about his developing pirate character. She bangs her head against the doorframe. "Is that Jimmy?" Heath asks with a smirk, appearing behind her. "He's doing a pirate character now? Charming." Rachel isn't amused, except she manages to look at Heath with a flirty gleam in her eye anyway. Heath offers a semi-sincere apology for the stunning failure of the Rachel-Jimmy experiment. "I tried to warn you," he chuckles. "Next time, try harder," she sighs, sweeping past him but still looking like she'd be happy to impersonate one of his girlfriends and ravage him senseless. He follows her into the hall and suggests introducing her to his ventriloquist pal. But that raises too many issues about where he's allowed to put his hand.

And finally, Steven has crawled back to the Sultan of Swill, begging for another chance to sling hash and sponge grime and woo the Sultan with Steven's work ethic. "Don't even try," Sultan scoffs. "[Shaggy] is my best worker, but you can try to be better." Shaggy grins and welcomes Steven back into the fold. Conspiratorially, Steven grabs a half-eaten hamburger and takes a huge bite out of the uneaten end. "Oooh, I wouldn't do that if I were you," backpedals Shaggy. Around a mouthful of burger, Steven -- damn alarmed -- wonders why not, as Shaggy taught him that trick in the first place. "I'm pretty sure that's how I got this rash," Shaggy shares, rolling up his sleeve to reveal some nasty red-black welts on his arm. It looks like he's been jabbing himself with a turkey baster. Steven, grossed out, gags on the food. "You should see my back," Shaggy adds.

The closing credits run next to more of Jimmy's audition reel for SNL -- in the same scene in which Heath sets him up with Rachel, Jimmy whips out more Dr. Evil and more Christopher Walken. But what that scene really needs is more cowbell.

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