The Judd Apatow Interview, Part II

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The Anti-David E. Kelley
JK: Plus Carla would come in, and she's so good. Carla is so funny, with the way she'd read the lines when she did the phone conversations with Eric. When she was annoying, she was so hilarious that it all went in that direction, too. Like, "Awwww, baaaby." H: She's the nightmare girl with the hometown honey -- every floor had about four, I think. JK: Exactly, and what if it's your roommate? LM: Whoa, listening to this conversation, I'm thinking that everyone must've hated being in college. H: All the best stories are the bad ones. No one wants to know about the best class and the happy "A"s. Had any of you worked together before? JA: Joel and I worked together over the years in all sorts of different, weird capacities. We did stand-up comedy together. Kris and I had met before in the past, and Seth I knew from Freaks & Geeks. Many of the directors are also the same -- Jake Kasdan directed some of Freaks & Geeks and directed some of this show. Paul Feig [the F&G creator] directed an episode ["So You Have A Boyfriend"], and a bunch of the other Freaks & Geeks directors were scheduled to direct. H: Is that something you prefer doing -- bringing in people you worked with on other shows? JA: Well, mainly it's because if you find out somebody's good, it makes the show easier to work with them again. It's hard to keep trying out new directors and writers and actors, and I'm lazy that way. I'd like to keep going back to the same people every time, knowing it will work. H: A lot of people typed Undeclared as Freaks & Geeks Goes to College. JA: It's Geek Goes to College. There's no denying it's Geek Goes to College, and it's not set in 1980. That's probably the only difference between the two shows. Undeclared is meant to be more of a comedy than a drama, and Freaks & Geeks was definitely more of a drama than a comedy. But that is a really big difference when you're conceiving the stories. We never really cared if Freaks & Geeks was funny. It was funny when we thought it was appropriate, but we didn't start coming up with funny stories. H: It just evolved? JA: Yeah. We were writing a story about a kid who's embarrassed to get naked in gym class, and it kind of evolved into something funny, but we're really trying to track how you actually felt, and the funny would just fall into that. But we never tried to start with a hilarious idea.

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