The Judd Apatow Interview, Part II

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The Anti-David E. Kelley
H: Hmm. How do you write jokes for a puppet? ["Here, someone else politely laughed, but Judd did not. I wish he had written jokes for me." -- Heathen] JA: I wrote for several struggling young comedians who couldn't write their own material. We wrote jokes for the magician Kozak. I wrote jokes for George Wallace and then I progressed to people who actually used the jokes. H: How often do you get to write now? JA: I still write jokes for people when they go on Letterman or The Tonight Show. If I have friends going on, I'll come up with jokes for them to use on the show. That's the only aspect of my career I truly enjoy -- giving people jokes for their talk show appearances [chuckles]. H: Do you miss scriptwriting at all? JA: I still write scripts also. H: I wasn't sure how involved you like to be in the crafting of each episode. JA: I'd like to be less involved. I would like, as I always say, to be the anti-David Kelley and write nothing. I'd like to be home watching SpongeBob SquarePants. But, no, writing is one of the most fun parts of the show. H: If FOX doesn't pick up this show, is there a chance you'd shop it around to another network? I mean, if JAG can do it... JA: We just want to continue to do the show, so we're hoping that everything works out and that people will start watching it now that we're on every week for a couple of months. If there's an upward trend of people watching the show more and more, we'll be back. If there's a downward trend, we'll be back if all the other shows bomb out. H: Some people want to see you born again on HBO. At least that way, we'd get the Ron nude scene everyone's been praying for. JA: There's a lot of stuff on the web -- "more Ron, more Ron." KB: No, that's "moron, moron." JA: Hey, we can use that joke next year. H: Do you still like doing TV? I mean, you've done these two shows that seem like labors of love, and then they got...well, I won't say "mistreated," except that I just did. But has all this put you off the genre? JA: I'd be frustrated if I never got to make anything. If they keep letting me make some stuff, I don't care that much if the concept changes every other year. My goal has never been to do 100 episodes of anything. If it happens, it's a nice bonus. I would be more frustrated if I kept writing pilots and I could never get anyone to make them, and I was just sitting in my house with a big stack of scripts. As long as, at some point, we're shooting something, it's not really that frustrating. It's only frustrating enough to put me in the hospital with minor back surgery.

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