The Judd Apatow Interview, Part II

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The Anti-David E. Kelley
H: I understand. Are you ever tempted to just write complete crap and see if it gets made? JA: Who says that I haven't? That's a subjective question. I did think about whether or not I could write a really, really hilarious show that only starred hot models. You know, write a show that's as funny as Seinfeld, but you really just got nineteen-year-old models. H: HBO would love that. Or The Playboy Channel. JA: That's my only real sellout idea. H: So you'll be working on it in the next few weeks, then? JM: We're going to start casting it. H: And hold six-month-long auditions. JM: [Imitating them] "Improv...what does that mean?" LM: [Playing along] "Well, let's go to dinner and talk about that." H: Were we the only ones that gave you a hard time about the Sandler episode? JA: No, we didn't get any bad feedback, except for you. H: Oh. Ha. Hmm. JK: No, that's good. It makes us realize you're real. If you only liked us unconditionally, that would be strange. JA: When we have a big star on an episode, if people like him, they tend to like the episode. If people don't like him, they tend to not like the episode. And when a big star is on, but he's not really servicing a story about himself, and he's setting up a story about his assistant [laughter], it kind of confuses people about how to interpret it. But I liked it. I think it's a really funny episode, and I think Jonathan Loughran is hilarious. We were happy. If you have expectations for a certain type of episode...I like the way Adam underplayed everything and showed kind of a side that's actually unbelievably truthful. When you're in college and a celebrity comes, it's exactly what happened on that show -- the awkward, weird party, where everyone's trying to have fun and it's not working, and then he winds up having sex with someone who doesn't want to admit it, and then one of his friends falls in love...It happened to us so many times that we're like, "Yes, this is a documentary." People are like, "That episode's crazy," and we're going, "We did that in Illinois, we did that in Wisconsin...." H: Do you have favorite episodes? JA: Probably ones that each person wrote. So how about the favorites that we didn't write? KB: "Eric Visits Again," where Eric and Steven get into that big fight.

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