The Judd Apatow Interview, Part II

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The Anti-David E. Kelley
AR That's why it's so good. The first season was really boring because no one cheated. KB: We've been addicted to Survivor here. H: All the seasons? [He nods.] Wow. I gave up after season two. JM: How does Smallville do on [TWoP]? I like that show. H: Really? I haven't been able to get into it, but the recaps and forums are very popular. ["Actually it's insanely popular on the site. Like, rivalling Buffy." -- Wing Chun] JM: He was in our pilot, Tom Welling. JA: When he came in and read, we said, 'That guy's definitely going to be a giant star. We have nothing for him on our show, but he will be a huge star," and it happened instantly. AM: They said, "You have to see this guy -- he makes Tom Cruise look ugly." H: Those posters are really into what they perceive as a homoerotic undercurrent on that show, between Clark and Lex. ["Aw. 'Really into' is such a massive understatement that it's cute." -- Wing Chun] JM Really? JA: We have homosexual undertones on our show. If you pay careful attention. Pay careful attention to Ron [laughs]. And Perry doing people's hair. H: He does? JA: He will. And the reason I want the show to come back most is to do the "Lizzie thinks she's a lesbian" episode. H: That would be Eric's fantasy, wouldn't it? LM: That happened to me in college [with a girlfriend] and it's simultaneously half crushing and half awesome, somehow, to have those ideas in your head. AR: I watch a lot of Once and Again. They took it off. H: Yeah, they're on the bubble with you guys. NS: I watch Dawson's Creek. H: It's awful. NS: Yeah, it's awful. I only watch it for Busy Philipps. [Ali and Jenni giggle.] JA: And you watched it for four years hoping she would one day be on it. H: She's the only good part of it. NS: [somewhat dreamily] She really is, man. [Ali and Jenni start laughing outright.] H: I'm always curious to see if people who make television shows think that very many other shows out there are worth watching. JA: Every show on FOX is. H: Oh, yeah. Love Cruise? Big winner!

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