The Judd Apatow Interview, Part I

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"I Realized I Was Eric"
H: Ah, so it's not just a FOX thing? JA: No, every network thinks that...Every network would like all its shows to be like Law & Order, where every one stands alone. But our show is different because it's about kind of a romance, and there's some development to it. H: I remember watching "Eric Visits," which aired second, and feeling like an episode got skipped. Then later I found out my feeling was correct. And it does seem like the ones that aired first were total laugh riots, and now we're getting into more poignant stuff. JA: And now we're back into laugh riot, so it really does go all over the place. H: It's good either way, but I think people expected it to be a laugh riot all the time and were kind of startled when the shows dipped into stuff that was a bit deeper. JA: What happens is, a show evolves into its style. You try to rush a certain part of it onto the air, and then its style changes. We have two different kinds of shows in Undeclared -- a hard-core going-for-laughs show and the coming-of-age poignant stuff. We always do both, although we do gravitate a bit more toward funny ones, just because there's not enough time to flesh out a full, emotional story in twenty-one minutes of airtime. Hopefully [the duality] doesn't confuse people too much. H: I don't think it does. ["See what a witty and incisive interviewer I am?" -- Heathen] JA: Or hopefully they're all good, and people won't care. H: Yeah, they're all pretty good. Ha. I don't think I've made it a secret that I love the show. I feel no shame [mid-ramble, the mind goes blank...what to say...what to ask...I've only had one Diet Coke today...I need laundry money...Should I ask them if they have change for a five? Shit...] Um, so is it always this laid-back and comfortable around here? LM: There was a time when we did work. The board [gestures to a mostly blank whiteboard on the wall] was much fuller. JA: We're done shooting and we're finishing up the editing now. H: When do you wrap completely? JA: A week from Wednesday [so, Feb. 6]. Since we have the offices until the end of February, everyone comes in every day, as if we're writing some kind of spec movie script, which I don't think is actually happening for any of us. Jenni Konner: It's a hard habit to break. JM: We were considerably busier when we were shooting. It's been a good staff, and a good place to work.

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