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"Pretty Lady, Right Here"
A few months ago, someone with the handle "Judd Apatow" posted on the Undeclared forums, starting a thread called "A Message from the Producer." Could it be...that Judd Apatow? Creator of Undeclared, and Executive Producer of Freaks and Geeks? On a lark, I went to the official Undeclared site and followed a link that promised it would deliver email to Apatow. I wrote how much we at MBTV loved the show and said that, if it had been him posting -- or even if it hadn't -- that we'd love to interview him for the site. About a week later, I got a response that was short but gracious; Apatow simply said, "I love your site," and gave me his office number. Once I'd stopped plotzing, I forwarded the email to Heathen and told her I'd volunteered her for an interview. Yeah, that's the kind of boss I am. I wrote Apatow back saying how excited we were to have him talk to Heathen, and adding, "If Seth Rogen ever thought he might like to do an interview for the site, you can let him know I'm his girl -- I'm even Canadian." Again, that's all it took; Apatow told me to hook it up through his office. And I did. I basically cherry-picked the interview from Heathen who, since it's her show, really should have had first dibs. But Ken was my favourite character on Freaks and Geeks, and Ron is my favourite character on Undeclared, and dammit, I just pulled rank for no good reason. (She's been very gracious about that, actually. Thanks, Heathen!) ["Aw, you're welcome! [She frantically yanks pins from the voodoo doll and tosses it in the trash.] I get Judd, so it's a good deal." -- Heathen] There were a few bumps in the road to the interview, mostly due to the holiday season, and then last Friday, Seth Rogen phoned me. I told him straight up that I'd never interviewed anyone before and that I would try my best not to sound incompetent. He rolled with it. Here's what went down. Wing Chun: I heard that filming has already ended. How was it? SR: The end was....Everyone on the crew thinks the show is cancelled. Which -- it isn't true. But it's almost as bad as it actually being cancelled, the fact that everyone thinks it's cancelled. I don't know why everyone thinks that, really. I guess it's just kind of an easy thing to think. But yeah, so, in that way it kind of sucked, because everyone assumed it was over. But it was nice at the same time, sort of. It was fun -- we had a big party on the set.

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