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"Pretty Lady, Right Here"
WC: Now that they've made the announcement that The X-Files is going to be cancelled, what do you think that will mean for you, if anything? SR: Oh, I hadn't heard that at all! WC: They just announced it yesterday; that was the first I'd heard of it. SR: Wow. WC: It's lasting the rest of the season, but it won't be back next year. SR: I don't know! It's very interesting. FOX needs shows that are doing well -- they need shows that people like. It seems like a lot of people watch the show. It's really weird. A lot of people really seem to like it, so it's weird that...I mean, they're clearing off other shows people don't like; I don't know why they would take off one people do like. WC: It seems like now this is two shows in a row that you've been on that were pretty much universally beloved by everyone who ever saw them, and then they can't get the support of the networks to support them. SR: Exactly! WC: So what do you think is wrong with the networks, that they can't keep good shows on the air? SR: I feel like they're just very poorly run! WC: All right. I would agree with that! SR: Yeah, it's nothing new. Everyone's just kind of trying to save their job, and there's no artistic people there, and it's kind of an artistically driven thing -- or at least it should be -- so it's just sort of directly conflicting motivations. Someone wants to save their ass, the other people want to entertain people, so.... WC: I don't understand the rationale of FOX. I mean, they're putting shows on hiatus that are presumably in new episodes, and then they show 24 twice a week? Like, two days apart? SR: It's insane. It's like...oh, God, there's so much I want to say! It's like their jobs aren't even, like, jobs, except the president, really. I mean, the vice-president -- his job is trying to make the president happy. I mean, I could meet the president and then a week later figure out what my job as the vice-president should be, because I would know what the president didn't like! People are just in a mad scramble, it seems, to not get fired, and they're just constantly making decisions that are ridiculous, because at the time that seems to be the most likely thing that will not get them fired. Like, "If I pull four Undeclareds and save the network $6 million, then that might not get me fired!" It's that kind of thing.

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