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"Pretty Lady, Right Here"
SR: I do not watch anything on a regular basis. I watch reality TV -- you know the dating shows? Elimidate, and Shipmates, and Blind Date. I can't get enough of those. And then I decided that the shows that I did like, I wouldn't be able to write for, like The Simpsons. WC: You don't think so? SR: That's tough. Those guys have been doing it for ages. And it's all dynamics -- they're friends, and stuff. And God, I don't know if I could write a Simpsons. That's funny stuff. WC: Are there any that you'd like to guest-star in? SR: Um...have you seen that show Curb Your Enthusiasm? On HBO? WC: Yes. I've only seen it a few times but I understand it's good. SR: I love that show -- it's my favourite show. It's great. WC: They show it on the movie channel here, because I'm in Toronto, so we don't get HBO. SR: You're in Toronto? WC: Yeah. SR: Really? WC: Yeah! SR: That's amazing! I didn't know you guys were in Toronto. WC: We're not all here. There's me, and my husband Glark here, and our other partner Sars is in New York. SR: I'm from Vancouver! WC: I know! So we don't get HBO, but we get a lot of the HBO shows. SR: At least you get the HBO shows now. I don't think they had anything when I was there. WC: Well, they've come around. There are a billion cable channels now, so we get more of the American shows. Like, there's a comedy channel that picks up a lot of the stuff from Comedy Central in the States. So you live in L.A. full-time now? SR: Pretty much, yeah. I mean, I leave, but have more stuff here than I do there. WC: I read that when you got the job on Freaks and Geeks, your parents moved to California with you. Are they still there? SR: They kind of go back and forth. There's a place here, and there, for them. WC: And do you get back to Vancouver a lot? SR: I do; I was just there over the winter. But the thing is, all my friends now go to school in Montreal -- they all go to McGill -- so I have no friends in Vancouver anymore. So I go to Montreal now, when I have time. WC: And that's where Jay Baruchel lives, too, right? Or where he's from? SR: Yeah. But we've never been there at the same time. It's really weird. WC: Living in L.A., what do you miss about living in Canada? If anything.

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