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"Pretty Lady, Right Here"
WC: So it's not like you were watching it and thinking, "That's not how I thought the line reading would go when I wrote it"? SR: No! It got better. It always gets better. When you write a line and you think it's pretty funny, and then someone else does something that makes it really funny, it's great. WC: How many episodes did you write, of the seventeen? SR: I wrote one by myself, and then I co-wrote four others. WC: Cool. And does it change your perspective as an actor on the show to know what goes into writing it? SR: Yeah! Well, sometimes. It definitely changes my acting a lot just because I know I can change any one of my lines. A lot of times, acting is, like, making up for bad writing, like getting an awkwardly written line and having to come up with a natural-looking and -sounding way of saying something that no one would ever say in real life. So that is all avoided, which is an enormous step, because all the actors can tell me they don't like the line, or the other writers can tell me. It's a very open thing. WC: It's fairly collaborative. SR: They listen to everyone. No one's opinion is discredited. WC: Definitely in the episodes that Jason Segel guest-starred in, it seems like there was a lot of ad-libbing. SR: Yeah, they let him go nuts. It all depends on the director and the mood they're in. They let us improv a ton. Any time we think of something funny, they'll let us do it. WC: You recently starred in your first movie, Donnie Darko. SR: Yeah. I wouldn't say I "starred" in it! WC: I won't pretend that I've seen it, because I watched out for it, but it never opened in Toronto. SR: Actually, it didn't come out in Canada at all. WC: What was it like making a movie, versus being on TV? SR: It was cool. It was neat -- I saw it in the theatre and everything. It was a little independent movie, kind of, but it was still...it's so fun working on something different. That's the thing about a TV show: I hate to say you get bored, but something new is always exciting. It was a whole new group of people, and it was a lot of fun. They were all really nice. WC: Did you know any of the people on the movie? SR: I actually did! It was really weird! The main guy, Jake Gyllenhaal, went to high school with Jason Segel. And then there's another guy named Alex Greenwald, who's in this band called Phantom Planet with Jason Schwartzman. I'm friends with Jason Schwartzman, so I knew Alex, sort of. It was really weird. There were a couple of people that I sort of knew in the movie.

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