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"Pretty Lady, Right Here"
SR: I know! You've always been big supporters, Mighty Big TV. WC: Do you follow the coverage of yourself on the 'net at all? Do you ever go on bulletin boards and post secretly? SR: Very rarely. I'm not good at the internet. That whole world of navigation, I have not been able to accustom myself to. And I have a slow computer at home. But once in a while, if I have nothing to do in the office, I'll go see how many girls think I'm cute or something ridiculous like that. WC: So you do kind of have an idea of fan coverage on the web. SR: Yeah, it's ridiculous! WC: Do you get fan mail that comes directly to you? SR: Very rarely, but every once in a while. I get the dudes -- I always get guys who think I'm cool. WC: Do you get recognized on the street? SR: Not really. Sometimes. It's not weird if it happens, but at the same time, I could definitely go weeks without it ever happening. At Disneyland, though -- God, it was crazy. WC: Huh. And are people cool when you meet them, or are they creepy? SR: Oh, no! We're on a show we like, and that people seem to like, so people just really seem to like us. WC: So people aren't throwing garbage at you. SR: Exactly. WC: That's good. SR: It's not like being on some horrible UPN show where it would be more like, "Aren't you that guy?" "Yeah." "Oh. Well, just wanted to make sure. Sucks to be you." WC: Do people ask you for autographs and stuff? SR: Yeah, they take a picture with us. I can't imagine why. I don't even want pictures with me in them, but they seem to like them. Yeah, it's always nice. The fact that I occupy any amount of space in some stranger's brain is very weird to me. WC: But is it cool-weird or scary-weird? SR: Weird. I'm just a very uncomfortable person in general. It's just one more element -- it's a discomfort monkey wrench thrown into my precariously moving machine of a psyche. But it's fun. It's nice. The fact that people like the show is all that matters. WC: We've been occasionally getting emails from Judd through the person who runs the old Freaks and Geeks mailing list. SR: Maureen [Jennings]. WC: Right -- saying that we should send emails in support of the show. Do you think that'll help? Do you know if people are doing that? SR: I hear some people are. I think my mom probably is.

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