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"Pretty Lady, Right Here"
WC: I know definitely people on our forums are, and I did. SR: Oh, that's nice! It could help! I don't know. The way the networks are run is so ridiculous that literally the viewers writing letters telling them that "we do watch the show and like it" isn't enough for them. WC: Stupid. SR: It's really stupid! Another stupid thing that we've all realized that I'm sure they haven't thought of is that colleges don't have rating boxes. And it's huge at colleges -- that's probably who watch us the most, but there zero people there are accounted for. WC: I can't understand why they would put it in that time slot, too, because it's on against Gilmore Girls and Buffy, which are both shows that probably have a really similar demographic. SR: And they wonder why we get no girl ratings. Every teenage guy in the world watches Undeclared, and not one girl, I don't think. Yeah, that's exactly why -- two of the girliest shows on television are on opposite us. WC: Which are both good! They're good shows! SR: Yeah, exactly! WC: But you shouldn't have to have three TVs in order to watch all the shows that you like. SR: Exactly. That's why I don't watch them. WC: That's why when I heard that X-Files was going off the air, I thought maybe what they'll try to do instead is have another hour of comedy instead of some other shitty drama. ["I realize that I didn't come up with this idea and that it's been suggested by many of you on the forums, as well as Heathen herself, but what can I say? I wanted to feel like a big man and pass it off as my own brilliant brainstorm. I'm sorry." -- Wing Chun] ["And the voodoo doll will remain in retirement." -- Heathen] SR: Oh wow, that would be genius! WC: And if they put it on after Malcolm in the Middle, or somewhere in that block, it would work really well. SR: Yeah, exactly! WC: See, I should be running the network! SR: You could literally do it just as well as they can. WC: And then it would be counterprogramming stuff like Alias and [Law & Order:] Criminal Intent, which are very different from the FOX comedies, versus X-Files, which is almost exactly like Alias and/or Criminal Intent.

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