Truth Or Dare

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Truth Or Dare

Perry gulps. "Be gentle," he trembles, crawling toward her. They kiss, and it's the worst screen kiss of all time. Either the actor is trying to be respectful, or Perry kisses like a goldfish. But Rachel plays along, running her hands along his neck and his back. They're making out right in front of Shaggy, who looks tempted to scratch out his own eyes. While Perry's hand rubs up and down Rachel's back, Kelly grins that she had a surprisingly great time, but Ron needs to walk her home now. Ron is proud. Heath is proud of him. Shaggy is traumatized by what he's watching Rachel do to Perry, and inwardly vows to burn off Perry's hands and tongue in a freak sulfuric-acid accident.

Kelly regards Ron suspiciously and asks if she's seen him before, perhaps from afar. "Oh, I don't think so," he stammers. "I...generally like to be close to people." She grins, then makes him pick truth or dare one final time. "Not truth, so...dare," Ron says nervously. Kelly dares him to stand still and not move from that spot, then inches closer until they're finally kissing. It's a great kiss and I love them.

Steven argues that Lizzie is the one who's uninterested, since she treats him like a brother. "What are you talking about?" gasps Lizzie, dumbfounded. "I have been prancing around you in my underwear and you won't even look at me!" Steven melts. "Why are you acting so weird? Did I say something?" she wheedles. Steven finally admits that he's scared, and Lizzie gently promises that he doesn't have to be afraid of her. She turns to go back inside, but Steven grabs her, hesitates for a split second, then plants one on her. As they mesh together, Steven reaches up and strokes her cheek, and it's weird and wonderful at once. It still annoys me that Lizzie flitted around between Eric and Steven and never seemed particularly hot for our boy until now, but I'm cheering so hard for Steven that I don't care.

Over the credits, Perry bumps into Heath and Shaggy in the hall, and they glare at him for touching their beloved. Perry snorts that the best thing about Truth or Dare is that girls are sympathetic, so anything you pretend you haven't done, they want to make you do. "And now you know, and now you move, so I can say hi to Rachel," he breezes. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen for him again. Heath and Shaggy can't believe they've been bested by Storage Room Boy. And elsewhere, Kelly is giving Ron a personal tour of the campus, and he pretends to trip, and it's cute.

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