Truth Or Dare

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Truth Or Dare

"Truth or Dare," Perry says to Steven. "Dare," he chooses. "I dare you to tell us about your most memorable sexual experience," Perry prods him. Everyone likes this dare, which is, again, pretty mean, because everyone should know Steven's only had one, and that he's sitting right next to The One, and he's still in love with her, and...oh, Steven, it's okay, come here, I'll hold you. Steven handles it deftly. "It was unexpected, so that made it good, and uh, she was just really special to me," he says softly. "She helped me out with a bad emotional situation. It was great." Lizzie and Rachel exchange touched glances. Kelly, as if she'd studied for this, tells Lizzie to answer the question as well. She darts a look at Steven, who blushes expectantly and tries to hide behind his hand. "Well, there was this one time..." she begins, as Rachel rolls her eyes in anticipation of the mush, "...when Eric and I were on a ski lift, and I gave him a you-know-what!" Lizzie squeals. Steven is surprised. Everyone else loves this answer and teases her about her oddly modest vocabulary. It's weird that she'd be so sexually game, yet reticent about using the words "blow" and "job" side by side. Steven, unable to handle this, leaps up and invents a thinner-than-he-is excuse about the library so that he can flee the room. Lizzie deflates, then follows him.

Rachel dutifully switches the conversation back to Perry, asking if he's at least gotten someone to milk his udder. "I almost did, but then...I didn't," he admits. "That's so sad," Rachel says thoughtlessly.

Outside, Lizzie yells for Steven to stop walking so they can talk. "I don't get why you'd be so upset about me talking about Eric," she pouts. "It's obvious you're no longer interested." Steven so badly wants to bare his soul, but refrains, struggling for words. He's on the verge of crying, I think. I love that Lizzie just assumed he'd be there for her when she was finished see-sawing with Eric. It would serve her right if he wasn't interested, but Steven's so freakin' adorable in this scene that I'm rooting for him to nail her anyway.

Heath can't believe Perry hasn't so much as kissed a girl since fifth grade. He chortles. "Shut up -- don't laugh at him, jerk," Rachel scolds. Shaggy pounces on that one. "Yeah, shut up, [Heath]," Shaggy snaps, patting Perry comfortingly on the shoulder. Perry's spreading it on pretty heavily, calling himself pathetic and looking utterly morose. Kelly mischievously confers with Ron, then loudly asks Rachel, "Truth or Dare?" Rachel can't decide, so Kelly dares her to make out with Perry for five minutes. Heath freezes. Shaggy panics. "Does anyone want to play Uno?" he chokes. "No," Perry glares. Heath hedges that if it's been so long, Perry probably shouldn't go kissing Rachel now as part of some soulless game. "Besides, I hear she's a really bad kisser," Shaggy whispers. Rachel overhears this and takes offense, demanding that Perry march his lips over to her immediately.

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