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The Butterfly Effect
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So this episode opens unpromisingly with the Seizure Twins playing with walkie-talkies, and Norrie whining about getting up at the "ass crack of dawn." Joe has worked out a theory about the babbling they do when they have seizures — they're like receivers for transmissions from the dome, and they're fine on their own but when they get too close, it's like feedback. You know, like with the walkie-talkies that they fortunately have now despite them not leaving each other's sight at all. Norrie wants to know why the dome would only talk to them, which I hate to tell her is an awfully presumptuous assumption to make.

Joe wants to show her the wallpapering of Monarch butterflies along the dome, even though it's nowhere near their season, and the perpetually cynical Norrie starts blathering about how maybe the dome sent the butterflies to let them know that the dome is just like a cocoon and when it comes down they'll transform into something new, and she's not swayed by Joe pointing out that most caterpillars are eaten before they become butterflies. Cool effect on the butterfly wall, though!

And no, Big Jim did not set Angie free when he found her cowering in his bomb shelter that was filling with water. The water has at least stopped and seems to have drained by the morning, and a sleeping Angie wonders what took him so long, and asks why he hasn't gone to the police yet. He says first he wants to know what she's been doing down here. His voice tells us that he's got a pretty good goddamn idea what she's doing down here, but he needs her to say it, so she does: "He's been keeping me prisoner!" Big Jim makes her say it was Junior, and he wants to know why he would. "Because he's insane," says Big Jim. He doesn't argue the point, but honking outside gets his attention and he leaves a screaming Angie behind, locking her inside as he says he needs to think about it.

It's Lester who's honking, and Big Jim, not unreasonably, points out, essentially, that it'd be nice if the reverend stayed away, what with them ostensibly breaking up. Lester came to warn Big Jim of the biblical judgment coming, that's whispering "Moab" to him, which was a wicked place in the Bible, but Big Jim's not buying it, and stomps into his house. Lester fiddles with his hearing aid, and we too hear the voice he's hearing, crackling into his ear, but really distorted. You'd just as easily convince me it's Al Pacino saying "Hoo-ah" from Scent of a Woman.

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