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The Butterfly Effect

More family reunions! Phil spots his sister. Julia's staring in vain for Pete. Linda asks after him, but seems a little sad when Julia asks if she found Rusty. She did. "I just couldn't bring myself to tell him," says Linda, and super-newswoman Julia wonders what news Linda could possibly have that she might want to tell Rusty. Oh, just that his brother is dead. Julia points out that it was an accident, which doesn't much comfort Linda, since it happened on her watch and all. "I have to tell him, she says, and Julia is all unhelpful, "Yeah, you do." I mean, she's not wrong about it, but still.

Norrie is still standing in front of her dad when her moms show up, Alice all, "ohhhhh shit. Mike?" confirming for Mike's story. She yells at her moms about how they said the birth records were sealed so there was no way to track him down, and then Alice starts yelling at Mike (not like he can hear her) about how he was never involved with Norrie, but now that the cameras have shown up, he remembers he has a daughter? Norrie screams that she hates all of them, and runs off.

Nearby, Julia calls Barbie over, to ask if he's seen Pete. She asks him a yes or no question and he responds with a lot of blah-blah about how nothing he can say will make up for not telling her the truth immediately. Fortunately, she's putting the blame for Pete's problems on Pete (those problems she knows of, of which "currently providing food for worms" is not one of them), and says if Barbie wants to make it up for her, he should keep an out for Pete. He agrees, but of course he knows what an easy job that will be.

Then Julia spots her sister-in-law, Mary, in the crowd, and Mary holds up a folded, typed letter that we can't read but it makes Julia cry and walk away. Barbie asks her what it was, and Julia says it was from her husband: "I know this is confusing, but all I can say is sorry. Tell Julia she deserves better." You're thinking, "That's cold" just as Julia points out that Pete didn't even have the balls to send his own Dear John letter.

Elsewhere, some woman we haven't met yet gets all emotional about seeing her son and ducks under the barrier, forcing Barbie to pull her back, at least until Junior strolls up and say for Barbie to let her be. The amusement on Barbie's face when he sees Junior's uniform made me smile. "Somebody made you a cop?" says Barbie, and Junior says they'll take it from there. Barbie walks off like a blackjack dealer at the end of his shift.

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