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The Butterfly Effect

And now here's Linda again ducking under the tape in full view of everyone for another chat with Rusty, only this time she manages to tell Rusty that his brother is dead. We don't even see a reaction shot from Rusty, which is kinda weird.

Back in town, Joe has caught up with an angry Norrie under a bridge, where she angrily denounces her dad as just someone who showed up so he could be on television. Softening up a little, she admits to wanting to meet someone from her past, but this wasn't how she envisioned it going down.

Fortunately the soap opera plot is interrupted by the arrival of Joe's idiot friend Ben (and the dog they rescued). He's been talking to random strangers, since everyone he likes is on the inside of the dome, and he discovered that China was going to attack, since they were convinced the dome was some U.S. illegal super-weapon, and the president had to "talk them off the ledge," which is what you do to people contemplating suicide, Ben, you idiot. "Great. Sounds like the grownups have it all under control," says Norrie, her sarcasm not quite enough to prevent me from wondering who Norrie's age ever uses the word "grownups."

Back at the bridge, visitor's day is petering out as he notices Dodee is conversing with an older woman using sign language. He asks her if she can read lips too, which she can, so he asks her to come with him, and he pulls out a medallion with a military unit's insignia on it, that he starts waving until he gets the attention of a soldier on the other side. The soldier comes over, gets a closer look at his 13th Speccom (The Lucky Thirteenth) medallion, and immediately salutes. "My old unit's kind of famous," he explains to Dodee, who tells him the soldier says it's an honor to "meet one of the jackrabbits." No product-placed tablet for Barbie, who uses pen and paper to ask "What's happening out there?" which is a little vague. The soldier seems unsure about telling him, but says "something big is going down," and they've been told -- all of them -- to pull out after this, and to not plan on coming back. Barbie asks when they got their new orders: "Last night, after the butterflies showed up." Barbie tells a confused Dodee about the butterflies, and she says a lot of insects use magnetic fields to navigate, and if the dome's altering that, "…there's no way in hell the government would stand for that," concludes Barbie, which seems a little hasty to me, but Barbie's suddenly looking very fearful. "They're not about to let this thing mess with the outside field," says Barbie, who realizes that the Moab Lester was ranting about was actually MOAB, or "Mother Of All Bombs," the largest non-nuclear weapon in the army's arsenal. Dodee asks if he thinks it would work. "Yeah," says Barbie, and Dodee wants to know, then, why he doesn't look happy. Because it would kill everyone inside, he says: "Visitor's day was not about saying hello to your families. It was about saying goodbye."

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