Under the Dome
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The Butterfly Effect

We see Julia grab what appears to be a bottle of wine from her house, and leaving behind a picture of her and Pete.

Residents gather in the cement works, where they manage to get the lights on with a generator, and Julia asks Barbie about how he got the soldier to talk. Barbie hesitates, and Julia assures him that it's not "on the record" or anything, which is something journalists in movies and television are constantly telling their friends and family even though that's not something they need to do in real life.

And then Barbie explains that on a deployment in Iraq, his unit helped rescue a soldier from insurgents after the rest of her company was killed by small-arms fire. The thing was, the company wasn't killed by insurgents but by Barbie's unit in the fog of war. "Maybe this is how I deserve to go. More friendly fire," says Barbie, looking up. So let me get this straight: Barbie's unit is famous and well-respected over the rescue of one soldier and it never came out about the friendly fire, even among the military?

Junior strides purposefully through the yard to the shelter, until he's stopped by his dad, who tells him he found Angie and let her go. "What the hell were you thinking?" Big Jim asks, but Junior races for his sheriff's car and peels out, despite Big Jim trying to tell him it's OK.

Over at the radio station, Dodee's getting anxious to leave while Phil wants to make sure the last song he plays is a good one. They've got thirteen minutes.

Angie has arrived home, screaming and yelling through her house for Joe. But the house is empty — save for her bedroom, where Junior is waiting with a gun. "I knew you'd come here. We're not finished yet," he says. He knew she'd come to her house? He's some kind of genius.

Over at the cement factory, Big Jim is anxiously looking around for Junior, but when Linda asks where Junior is, Big Jim only says he's tying up a few loose ends. Linda leaves to go tie up a few loose ends of her own. Phil, all of a sudden now at the dome, puts on some Beethoven to keep the folks "mellow." It works instantly on Barbie (who correctly IDs the composer), who gives him back his grandfather's watch, which he lost by betting on the Browns. The Browns? Shit, he deserved to lose it. Barbie says he may be getting out of his current line of work, and wishes Phil good luck.

Over at Angie's house, Junior stares at snow globe he gave her when they were in the same maternity ward or something, and instead of answering her, he flips on the radio and manages to time it perfectly to hear Julia's pre-recorded emergency broadcast announcement. "We're all gonna die," he says, adding that he's so sorry: "All I wanted to do was to help you get better." She stares at him, and then tilts her head and moves closer on the bed, so she can take his head in her hands, kiss him on the forehead and let him curl up in her lap." After several days she's been chained in his bomb shelter? Give me a fucking break. I waited for her to grab his gun or even the goddamn snowglobe. Waited in vain.

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Under the Dome




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