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The Butterfly Effect

In the park, Norrie and Joe break liplock amazed that they didn't die or have a seizure. They're not commenting on the fair amount of wind blowing Norrie's hair around, though.

Big Jim radios Linda to tell her everyone's OK there. She cries again, but laughs as well.

Barbie and Julia approach the dome on a back road. Barbie slowly raising his hand, and then feeling the dome still there. Then he makes a fist, but he doesn't appear too surprised, given the charred landscape that is all that remains outside.

Over on the Sixth Street bridge, Big Jim takes off his watch before he does his own dome test, and then Lester pops up to crow that he saved them. "The lord saved Chester's Mill because I repented, and now it's time for you to do the same," he says, adding that today is a new day. Big Jim couldn't agree more, but in his case, that means pressing Lester's head up against the wall until his hearing aid fries his ear, fatally. A single butterfly alights on the wall and flits off again, and Big Jim casually strolls away, leaving the reverend lying dead on the street. The entire audience struggles to feel a little bit of sympathy.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. Sure, great idea for a reality show! Do a reality show about a subject you can't follow around with a camera. Genius! Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel@gmail.com.

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