Under the Dome

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You Don’t Have To Go, Dome, But You Can’t Stay Here
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So the stupid goddamn monarch butterfly is emerging from its chrysalis in the mini-dome in That Idiot Ben’s room. Joe and Norrie are delighted, while Officer Linda is confused and wants to know what’s going on. No one answers, and then Linda is still, "How long have you guys known about this?" Good question, Linda! How long have they known about this thing THAT EVEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS YET?

She looks at Carolyn -- who says she’s only known for a couple of days -- and warns Linda not to do anything rash, because acting rashly is this show’s modus operandi. Joe tells her it’s the source of the dome, which they don’t actually know is true, and they can kind of talk to it. "It told us the monarch will be crowned!" says Norrie, as though she thinks that’s supposed to mean something to Linda. Joe admits they don’t know what that means, but that’s a monarch butterfly in there, and they have to get it out "before it hurts itself or worse." What? Carolyn tells Linda she knows how it all sounds, but she believes them. How it sounds is like they’re making it up as they go along, but who would do that?

Over at the town hall, Big Jim is actually mad at Barbie for pleading "not guilty," and he punches him the stomach. Barbie says Big Jim’s taking a big gamble because Julia’s still out there and knows Big Jim is full of shit. "You entered your plea. Now you get your justice," says Big Jim.

Junior is right where we left him, making sweet love to the dome with his face. "Tell me!" he yells, and then he softens his voice, "Why do you want me to kill my father?" For the crime of bringing you into this world, that’s a start. I could go on.

Julia sits up in her hospital bed, despite the protests of Angie, who tells her she’s got to stay hidden. Julia says she’s the only who can exonerate Barbie, and Angie’s all, "Exactly!" Which is why Big Jim will have her killed before you can tell anyone, and this is ground they’ve covered before. But Julia ignores her and says Angie doesn’t have to come with her, but she can’t stop her.

Back in That Idiot Ben’s room, Linda tells the other idiots, "You don’t know anything about this thing," meaning the egg. If I’m not mistaken, that brings the total number of correct things that Linda knows up to two, along with, "This is a safe deposit box." Linda says it could be radioactive. "The big dome isn’t," says Norrie. Her logic, that "one thing isn’t radioactive, so therefore this other thing isn’t", is impeccable, I’ll grant you. But Linda’s not convinced and says the dome is police property. Then everyone notices that the butterfly inside is fluttering around and whenever it hits the dome, it makes little black splotches that spread over the surface.

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Under the Dome




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