Under the Dome

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You Don’t Have To Go, Dome, But You Can’t Stay Here

In the jail cell, Barbie asks Big Jim if he really thought Barbie would make this easy for him. Barbie naively says he can at least try to take Big Jim down with him. Big Jim chuckles at that, and says he could end it right now with a bullet. Big Jim raises a good question: Why doesn’t he just do that and lie about it like he’s done with everyone else? Barbie thinks he knows why: "There’s no audience here." You mean like the audience that wasn’t there when Big Jim murdered everyone else we’ve seen so far? Sure thing, Barbie.

Back at That Idiot Ben’s room, Joe further explains that the butterfly flutters to the ground, seemingly injured or perhaps already weary of Joe being the character equivalent of the described-video button on your remote control. Then That Idiot Ben goes to the window and asks if it’s him or if it’s getting "crazy dark" outside, when in reality what’s happening is black blotches are spreading on the maxi-dome, too. This seems a little more significant and worth pointing out than wondering if it’s "getting crazy dark."

At the town hall, the encroaching darkness thankfully puts an end to Big Jim and Barbie jawing at each other, as Big Jim goes outside to see what’s going on. The street is lousy with the extras who sometimes populate the town and sometimes don’t. They're all getting freaked out, and muttering about how they have to get home, while the darkness descends and the town’s streetlights come on. Junior, meanwhile, yells some more at the dome, wondering what he’s supposed to do. And then the dome is all black, and we can see the wide shot of the entire dome from outside. I believe the area to the left is supposed to be where the mother of all bombs was detonated, but instead of looking like the scorched earth we saw when it happened. It just looks like the rest of the land, only shadowy.

After the opening credits, That Idiot Ben says, "It’s the middle of the day, and it looks like it’s midnight out there." I can see why Ben and Joe are friends. "See? The dome’s trying to tell us something," says Joe. Then Norrie and Joe argue about what the darkness means, which really out to convince Linda that neither of them speak fluent dome. She’s had enough, and then she gets on her radio and is all, "All available units to Ben Drake’s house," and unless "All Available Units" is Junior’s nickname…WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, LINDA?! Sure enough, Junior picks up the walkie-talkie he’d dropped earlier, and Linda tells him to get his ass over there. Big Jim has also heard her say she’s "found another dome" which would be utterly incomprehensible to anyone who didn’t already know about the mini-one, and Linda tells him he needs to see this.

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Under the Dome




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