Under the Dome

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You Don’t Have To Go, Dome, But You Can’t Stay Here

The crowd looks disheartened, and then Big Jim starts talking about the faith he has in them and in God and how there’s been too much lawlessness in this town since the dome came down, but that ends now. (They all nod in agreement). "Chester’s Mill will have its new dawn," he says, and everyone starts saying "amen" because all it took for them to stop worrying about the BLACK DOME was for Big Jim to speak for fifteen seconds about the faith he has.

Over at the cement factory, Junior says he refuses to accept that Barbie is the monarch, and Joe is all, "This has to be the way the dome selects a new leader," like ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO YOURSELF JOE, YOU DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON.

The egg starts vibrating, just a little at first, and then it starts shaking violently and it turns blindingly white as well. What’s more, the ground around them starts to shake, and everyone just immediately wants to abandon the egg that they went to so much trouble to protect. Except for Julia, who walks towards it and reaches for it, with people screaming that it’s too dangerous, except for the fact that they know nothing about it at all and in fact they had their hands on the mini-dome/sphere when it was bright white too.

When Julia picks up the egg, it goes back to black, the shaking stops, and the butterfly flits over and alights on the egg. "She’s your monarch," says Barbie. Honestly, the most reasonable explanation is that this was just a regular butterfly all along that happened to get caught in the under the mini-dome.

Over at the town hall, Phil shows up because Big Jim SUMMONED HIM SOMEHOW. Big Jim has pulled a book from a shelf and shows something in it to Phil, telling him he wants to gather as many carpenters as he can to make it. Big Jim’s own great-grandfather made the last one Chester’s Mill had, apparently. It’s a gallows. Yes! Phil’s all, "Are you serious?" and Big Jim says that the town is on the brink of chaos, so they need to show they’re serious about law and order. "Okay. For Dodee," says Phil solemnly, and Big Jim is all, "Yes. For Dodee, who I totally didn’t kill."

Linda has gone to look for the egg at the McAllister barn. Finding nothing but the stars painted on the barn walls, she radios Jim -- I guess Angie and her crew aren’t listening in? -- to tell him there’s nothing there but some weird art project. Then she notices “pink stars are falling in lines” written on the wall, and she reads it out, and it hits Big Jim hard. He sits down and makes her repeat it. She does, and asks if it means something to him. “Not for a long time. Meet me at my house, Linda,” he whispers.

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Under the Dome




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