Under the Dome

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You Don’t Have To Go, Dome, But You Can’t Stay Here

Nothing happens. And then Joe sees, thanks to the ambient light that isn’t actually there because there are no sun, moon or stars to see in the forest with, Alice, Norrie’s other mom. Considering she died several episodes ago, I can understand why Norrie’s freaked out.

Back at Mrs. Rennie’s awful art studio, Big Jim is lamenting that all the time he thought his wife was sick she was just trying to warn them, and maybe he could have done more to help her. Linda says that if she saw the dome coming, it means his family’s important. "You’re important," she says. Oh, good, that’s all Big Jim needs. Someone to keep his ego inflated. Also: What are you basing that on? Remember when you used to have a fiancé? Anyway, Junior radios to tell them he’s got Barbie in custody and is bringing him in.

Back to the forest, Norrie approaches her mom. Julia stops her, saying she doesn’t think it’s her mother. So Alice steps forward instead. "Forgive us. We’re still learning to speak with you. We took on a familiar appearance to help bridge the divide," she says. Norrie’s all, "WTF?" Joe -- proving what a genius he is -- shines the flashlight on her, and we see the light passing through, and he says he thinks it’s whoever put up the dome. OH, YOU DO, DO YOU? YOU FIGURED IT OUT? YOU CRACKED WHAT SHE MEANT BY "WE"?

Angie asks why they’re being punished, and Ghost Alien Alice looks confused. "The dome wasn’t sent to punish you. It was sent to protect you." Julia asks what they need to be protected from. "You’ll see, in time," says Ghost Alien Alice. How about, "NO, TELL US NOW"? Nobody says that, but Angie asks how they can see anything now that they’ve blocked out the lights. I’d like to point out that you guys seem to be doing fine seeing in the dark here, but Ghost Alien Alice says, "If you want the darkness to abate, you must earn the light," she says, adding, "By protecting the egg." Julia says, "If we fail, it’s the end, isn’t it, for all of us." Not really asking a question. After a moment, Ghost Alien Alice nods. Nobody asks why they’re doing this, but Julia does ask how they protect it, and what they’re protecting it from, but Ghost Alien Alice is already gone.

Junior arrives at the town hall. The gallows are practically already done, although to be fair, Phil has had at least fifteen minutes to gather carpenters, materials and start construction. Jesus, this show.

Big Jim comes to visit Barbie in the cells. "Welcome back,” he says, smugly, and asks where the kids took the egg. "It’s the key to all this, isn’t it? Making the darkness go away, controlling the dome…" Barbie tells Big Jim that he’s not the god he thinks he is. “I think we both know what you really are.” “What’s that, a criminal?” asks Big Jim. “Worse. A politician,” says Barbie. I have to admit, this -- this tone-deaf sick burn on those fat cats in Washington -- may have been the most surprising scene of the episode. Even Dean Norris looks like he can’t believe this was a scene.

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Under the Dome




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