Under the Dome
Exigent Circumstances

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All Roads Lead to Dome
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Quick little montage of images: the mini dome glows purple, pink stars rising in lines. Julia sleeps and Barbie hides out in the woods. He is able to escape detection by a search party with flashlights by hiding behind a tree, because instead of spreading out they appear to be walking single goddamn file.

It's daylight now and Big Jim addresses a throng of suddenly concerned citizens that they will hunt down "the murderer Dale Barbara." Some guy named Miles is all, "What if he’s hiding in our homes?" and this Miles (why are they starting to introduce new characters now for the second season?) apparently wants people’s homes to be searched. It's nice that Carolyn is finally back, so she can say it’s illegal to just randomly search people’s homes. Big Jim turns on a dime from initially blustering that they won’t be searching homes because the Constitution still applies, to immediately saying they will search homes, and he’s declaring a state of emergency (which he already did, but much later than he should have). The muttering and cheering of this crowd is ridiculously over the top as Big Jim douses the scenery with HP sauce and just chomps it to pieces.

Linda mutters that she won’t turn the town into a police-state and he says, "It’s not me, Linda. It’s the people." He winds the crowd up by yelling that this is the beginning -- not the end -- of Chester’s Mill, and there are jobs to do (a reservoir that needs protecting! Crops that need tending! Fight clubs that need security!) and sacrifices to be made. But, Chester’s Mill will live to see next year and the year after that. Yes, yes, we know the show was renewed. You don’t have to rub our faces in it.

Over at the radio station, Dodee is listening to the hilariously non-private military channel that consists of nothing but two non-specific military personnel talking about how essential it is that they find Dale Barbara. Oh, also, they’re looking for "the egg," but it doesn’t mean anything if they can’t find Dale Barbara. But the mention of the egg twigs a memory for her, and she goes to her phone, where she finds a picture she took of the egg. "That’s what burned me!" she says. On Under the Dome, they don’t even need a second person in the room for expository dialogue to be spoken.

Three-quarters of the Moron Quartet are watching the lines on the egg and wondering what it all means over at the barn. "I think it’s mad we didn’t kill Big Jim," says Angie. Joe points out that they don’t even know that’s what it wants. But he is sure that the monarch is Barbie, even if the others are skeptical. Angie’s sure it’s not Junior though, after the way he ran off. Yeah, it was pretty suspicious when he took off AFTER SEEING A VISION OF HIS DAD BEING STABBED TO DEATH. Joe’s also excited about the impending hatching of the chrysalis, because he knows things will change then.

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