Under the Dome
Imperfect Circles

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Approaching Thunderdome

At the sheriff's station, Linda is preparing to go after the Dundee brothers for murdering Rose. At first she wants to take Barbie with her and leave Junior behind to deal with looters, but Junior points out that he knows the Dundees. "I might be able to talk them down without things getting stupid," he says. Linda hands him a bunch of high-powered guns, thus ensuring that things will be getting stupid.

Angie returns to the diner and finds Rose on a table in the kitchen, left to decompose like a tray of meat at Golden Corral. In tears, she starts to lower the sheet that's been draped over Rose's body. A male voice rings out from the dining room: "Who's in there?" Angie grabs a knife, but it's just Ben and his skateboard, coming to make sure nobody else is looting the diner. "Will you help me with something?" Angie asks him.

Big Jim drops in on Ollie Dinsmore's farm, where townsfolk have gathered at the pump for water. Big Jim wants to make nice with Ollie, but Ollie's enjoying his new position of power a little too much for that. He drops the hint that the propane doesn't belong to Big Jim anymore, which is news to Big Jim.

Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie have tried all sorts of ways of getting a rise out of the dome, up to and including making out against it. They figure they might have to have sex on the dome at some point, but for now they decide to go looking for its nucleus. (Joe likens the dome to an atom with the wall being its electrons. It's a very rare teenaged boy who can think coherently of science two seconds after thinking about sex). They set off in search of the dome's center with their adorable dog in tow.

Big Jim rushes over to his propane warehouse, only to find it guarded by an armed thug. "Ollie says nobody's allowed inside but him," the thug says when Big Jim tries to walk past. "This is my property, I'll do whatever I please," Big Jim says. The thug beats the snot out of him just to prove him wrong.

Barbie wanders around town, keeping an eye out for trouble. He spies a gas station that's been bled dry and sees the Dundee brothers scampering away from the scene of the crime. He chases after them.

Junior and Linda are trying to decide just what to do with the brothers once they catch them. Linda votes for locking them up in jail until they figure it out. "The Dundees can't just walk free after killing Rose, or what they were about to do to Angie." This is the first that Junior's hearing of the attempted rape. You can practically see him playing out the different ways in which he might kill the Dundees.

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Under the Dome




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