Under the Dome
Imperfect Circles

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Approaching Thunderdome

Julia and Harriet are driving to the clinic when they come upon a makeshift roadblock. The Dundees start shooting at them. One brother siphons the gas out of their tank while the other one keeps a gun on them. Luckily, Barbie comes to the rescue and fights off the brothers, who scatter like cockroaches in the harsh glare of the bathroom light. He radios Linda to let her know where they are. It turns out the clinic is closed, so they decide to go see Alice at the McAlister house. For some reason, they do this on foot instead of getting back into the car. The gas canister is right there. Did the Dundees shoot out all the tires?

As Joe and Norrie make their way to the center of the dome, they wonder why they were picked. Norrie seems kind of over it, but Joe thinks it's awesome, in the original sense of the word. "Not to mention, if it hadn't come down I might not have met you," he says. Aw! Their dog starts barking like mad. "Truman!" Joe shouts several times. Then my dog starts barking like mad, because his name is also Truman. The TV Truman decides he doesn't want any more of this nucleus hunt and runs away from the teens.

Having buried Rose, Ben and Angie return to the diner. Angie recruits Ben into helping her clean the place up. Big Jim slumps inside to grab a bottle of whiskey and just as quickly slumps back out. Angie hurries to close the door after him, like it's going to keep him or anybody else out, with the windowpane gone.

Carolyn and Alice share a sweet moment of dancing together and foreshadowing Alice's impending doom. That doom shows up in the form of Harriet, who gets deposited onto the couch by Barbie and Julia.

Joe and Norrie find a big pile of leaves in the middle of the woods. Joe reaches out to touch it and gets zapped a little. Norrie tries it with the same result. Undaunted, they clear away the leaves and find... another dome. Norrie washes away some of the dried mud that covers its surface and reveals a small, black egg at its center.

Back to the birthing. Harriet cries that she can't do this without her husband, so Barbie talks her into calming down and getting the job done.

Ollie drops by Big Jim's office to outline the new world order. He's got the crops, the water and now he's got the propane. "So unless you want your beloved Chester's Mill to suffer, you'll toe the line." Big Jim looks like his testicles just retreated into his abdominal cavity.

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Under the Dome




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