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Imperfect Circles

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Approaching Thunderdome

Norrie returns home to learn of her mother's heart attack. She sits on the edge of her bed and holds her hand. "I knew something was wrong," she says. "I saw you in the woods. It's like the dome wanted me to." She thinks she must sound crazy, but Alice tells her about Harriet's vision. "It brought you here," Alice says. "It must want me to go." They cry and say their goodbyes and it's pretty heartbreaking, mostly thanks to Mackenzie Lintz's portrayal of Norrie. Carolyn hugs her as they look down at Alice's body, but only for a moment, because Norrie flees the house. She drops to her knees in front of the dome and presses her hand to its surface. She pleads with it to bring her mother back.

Montage. Barbie and Julia snuggle on the couch downstairs. Harriet cradles her new baby. Carolyn says goodbye to Alice and tries not to fall apart completely. Sad music plays. The moon is full and Big Jim shows up at the propane warehouse to pretend he's shocked to see the truck burning. "Just tell me what you want!" Norrie shouts at the dome. In response, the black egg inside the mini-dome lights up with pink sparks of energy. Nothing good ever comes out of eggs in sci-fi. Nothing.

Tippi Blevins is just a visitor to the dome. Email her at b_tippi@yahoo.com, or find her @TippiB.

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Under the Dome




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