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Mad Maxine Beyond Thunderdome

At the clerk’s office, they find a dozen houses bought by the Osiris company, but most of them were renovated and flipped, except for one out on Bird Island, a nice little spot for vacation homes, and wouldn’t be bad for hiding. And then Max walks in, breezily asking if she should be "worried" about their little powwow. Big Jim points out that there’s town business that has nothing to do with her, although Barbie looks more than a little shady with the way he hastily stashes the documents they were looking at.

Anyway, Max has a shopping list for Big Jim -- espresso, dark chocolate and silk-infused conditioner. Are those three separate things or is hair care even much more fucking nuts than usual in Chester’s Mill? "I’m not doing your shopping," says Barbie, but Max doesn’t want that anyway; the list is for Big Jim (or "Jimmy," as she calls him), and she’s got other work for Barbie to do. When the men hesitate, Max suggests she can just reveal all their dirty laundry instead, so they reluctantly start moving their asses.

Over in the barn, Dodie is taking video of the dome, and then decides to put her hand on it. Her palm glows blue for a moment, and then she’s zapped backwards. I guess the moron triplets weren’t so far away yet that they didn’t hear it, because they come rushing in to find Dodie unconscious on the ground, some sort of burn on her palm.

After the commercial break, the three of them are wheeling a groggy Dodie through the hospital, where we quickly learn that Dodie doesn’t remember the dome at all. "I remember… electricity," says Dodie, who asks if something happened with the generator outside the radio station. The idiots seize on that convenient explanation and tell her that yes, yes she did zap herself on the generator, that’s the ticket. I realize Dodie’s all groggy but maybe the three idiots could at least stop making furtive glances at each other. Then a nurse arrives to actual look after Dodie’s best interests, and Angie decides to ask the nurse if anyone has been having seizures lately, because that’s information a nurse is going to give at any time, but especially when she’s got an actually injured person to look after. "Not since your tenth-grade dance, Angie," she says, and wheels Dodie away. Angie goes running off down the hall, ignoring Joe and Norrie wondering just what the hell that means.

Julia strolls into the empty town hall and into Duke’s old office (as we see that Mare Winningham is a name in the credits and we haven’t seen her before, so let’s just keep adding characters). Linda’s there, looking through files. She tells Julia she hasn’t seen Barbie, but Julia is remembering to have the curiosity of a reporter this week so she asks Linda what’s up. Linda, like all cops everywhere, is only too happy to blabber her unproven suspicions of her hero/father figure Duke to the town’s only journalist, and shows Julia the video of Duke pulling up at the propane warehouse where a mysterious woman (Maxine) gives him money, and Linda explains to Julia about the propane-based Rapture. She thinks Coggins burned down Duke’s house to destroy evidence, but is looking for anything else. She contrivedly says the only things Duke cared about was fly-fishing, bourbon and his hat, and then eliminates fly-fishing and bourbon but his hat is over on the hat rack so she takes it off and finds a key tucked inside. Fortunately, Julia has one that looks just like it, so she knows it’s for a safe deposit box and the Bank of Chester’s Mill, which is probably useless when it comes to using a debit card anywhere else. "I’ll drive," says Linda, because sure, bring the reporter along while you investigate drug rumors about your dead hero/father/boss.

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Under the Dome




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