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Angie, You Can't Say I Never Tried
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So this tiny backwater town manages to have a rather large skate park, which of course has part of the dome running through it -- so I guess it's on the outskirts? I suspect the producers of the television show haven't really mapped out the dome's placement as meticulously as Stephen King did for the book, and this is more so Joe's idiot friend Ben can skate up the wall and other idiot teenagers yell things like, "Ride that dome!" and "That dome ride was sick, bro!" during a late-night skateboard party.

Joe's too busy watching and rewatching the video he shot of Paul Randolph firing at the dome and killing Fred Denton, and Barbie taking Paul down. He wonders if Barbie is "black ops" or something, and a couple of airheads wander over to gaze longingly at Joe's phone and marvel that its battery still works -- "I miss texting!" one moans, even though it's been a day and a half. Then they speculate about what's going to happen to Randolph, Ben saying that a killer cop cop-killer (not redundant) is as bad as it gets.

Elsewhere, Julia's driving, Ben's riding and she's going too fast for his liking. "I don't do caution," explains Julia, and Barbie calls her a "run towards the fire" kinda girl. Julia: "I'm a journalist. I've got to find out all I can about this dome so me and you can get out as soon as possible." That's hilarious! She's so funny -- oh, hold on, she's deadly serious. OK, Julia, top investigative reporter of Chester's Mill. You get on that. Plus she's got a husband out there she wants to get back to and Barbie's face is all, "Yeah, he's totally out there and not dead in here, that's for sure." She says she wants to get to the police station before they take Paul inside.

So they arrive at the jail, where Linda is leading a handcuffed Paul, and despite needing to get there before Paul is taken inside, apparently Julia wanted to question Linda, who isn't under arrested and won't be unavailable to her later. And Julia is such an awesome journalist that she works without a recorder or even a notebook when she asks questions like, "Can you handle this alone until we get out?" Linda largely ignores her and it's Big Jim who steps out and says they'll be fine as long as everybody looks out for each other. That is when the mini-lynch mob, which has been politely waiting for its cue, starts yelling "Murderer!" and throwing things at Paul, who yells that 'twas the Dome that killed Freddy, not him. Big Jim orders Linda to take Paul inside, and Julia is all, "Oh, so you're in charge now?" because she's an awesome journalist doing her journalist thing, also evidenced by the way she rolls her eyes and stomps away while Big Jim warns people about "frontier justice" and urges them to go home, join hands, and "pray for Freddy Denton's soul."

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Under the Dome




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