Under the Dome

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Touch Me, I'm Sick
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It's morning and Julia is studying the map she filched from Barbie's things, which is why she's acting conspicuously shady enough when he comes down that he asks if something's wrong. She says she has a headache, which happens when she gets stressed. He notes she took her last pill and notes the pharmacy is out but maybe the gas station has some. "You know this town pretty well for someone who is just passing through," she says. Uh, he's been trapped for three days under a dome. How much time does he need to know this jerkwater burg has a pharmacy and a gas station? She says she's going over to the radio station -- not at all obviously stuffing the map into her purse -- and he says he'll catch a ride with her. Ass, gas or grass, Barbie. What's it going to be?

Outside, a group of angry Chester's Millers are chester milling around the dome, angrily yelling at the army, which is pulling out. "Orders are in: Pack it up, we're out of here," is what we can hear (but the residents can't) on the outside of the dome, broadcast on some strange "Here Are Your Orders That You Are Already Carrying Out" public address system. Linda tries to get the crowd to disperse, warning them of the danger of the dome, but no one's listening, so she pulls her gun. Then Reverend Lester starts in with the preaching, pontificating on "the pride of evil men" and says the dome is God's wish for a new Eden. Fortunately, the increasingly agitated mob quiets down enough to Big Jim can have a whispered conversation where he -- not unreasonably -- wants to know why she pulled her gun. Then he talks the crowd down, except for Ollie, who has gone from having utter faith in the feds to distrusting everything at any level of government literally overnight. Nevertheless, the crowd disperses. Linda says she had things under control, but before they can debate the point, she collapses.

In Junior’s Sex Fungeon, Angie has managed to separate the scissors into its two blades, but only has a moment of sawing at her chain before she hears Junior come back. She hastily stashes the scissors and Junior comes in, bearing some comfortable clothes as well as the prom dress she wore to the junior prom the first time they danced. Angie pretends to be touched and affectionate, and slow dances with Junior for a moment. "You’re starting to act like the old Angie I knew before the dome came down," he says. She tells him to turn around, pretending it’s so she can change, but she grabs a blade. Junior turns just in time to grab the knife before she sinks it into his neck, and he winds up getting only his hand bloodied. He throws her back on the bed. "I should have known. You’re not better. You’re just pretending," he says. She starts to cry as he leaves, promising she won’t tell anyone anything if he lets her out. “You can leave whenever you’re ready. But not before.”

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Under the Dome




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