Under the Dome

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Touch Me, I'm Sick

Elsewhere, Julia’s followed the map to a trailer park, where she finds a BMW parked next to an Airstream. She seems to recognize the car, and is peering into it when a helpful neighbor asks what’s up. She starts to introduce herself, and just a few words are all the fella needs to recognize her voice from the radio and set up his contrived dialogue about how she must be here to see Phil Bushey then, who must be home since his car is parked outside. Because no one in tiny Chester's Mill walks anywhere? Julia says it’s her husband’s car, and starts hammering on the door of the trailer. He comes out, appearing groggy, and Julia wants to know what he’s doing with her husband’s car. He says Pete sold it to him and that’s all he says, apart from “I feel like crap,” before collapsing, while Julia yells for help.

Meanwhile, Alice and Carolyn have dragged Joe and Norrie, the seizure twins, to the hospital to get them checked out, despite their protests that they're fine. Alice gives detailed instructions to the nurse on duty, only to find that the closest MRI machine is five miles outside the dome. Also, they’re fresh out of doctors, since one was on holiday and another crashed his car into the dome. "The third the audience knows, so he’ll be the one I mention by name and tell you Dr. Shumway is MIA," says the nurse. Alice volunteers to do the tests herself; she’s a psychiatrist, but has a background in medicine. The nurse tells them to follow, but Joe hangs back because he’s spotted Junior getting his hand bandaged and asks if Junior has seen Angie. Junior says he saw her a couple nights ago "around," following it up with "Anything else, little man?"

And here’s Big Jim with Barbie, carrying Linda in, Junior making up a story about hurting his hand while chopping wood to placate his suspicious father. There’s not much time to probe the story, though, because a steady stream of people with headaches and fever is now coming in, including Julia with Phil, who is lying on a cot. Barbie goes to get more cots for sick people, and Big Jim tells his son to go help him. “What’s going on?” asks Julia, when she sees all the other patients, including Linda. Big Jim calls her “Mrs. Shumway” for the benefit of those just tuning in and not knowing the relationship. “Sure could use your husband,” he says. You don’t have to tell Julia twice. The washing machine isn’t -- oh, Big Jim means at the hospital. Julia goes to question the unconscious Phil Bushey and this dubious tactic is thwarted when the door is closed in her face.

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Under the Dome




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