Under the Dome

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Touch Me, I'm Sick

Back in the Sex Fungeon, Angie decides that maybe she should fully explore her space, and she finds some sort of air vent on the wall by the top bunk. She opens and starts screaming for help, but not for long, because she slips and falls, banging her head on the floor, knocking herself out, while the water from the pipe she somehow managed to pull out of the wall starts flooding the fungeon.

Over at the hospital, Alice pulls a blood sample from Norrie, who is not shy about shitting all over her mom’s needle technique. Joe has his head wrapped in sensors for the EEG, which Alice declares is as normal as she’s ever seen. Norrie calls him "a mutant, like Wolverine." "You know X-Men?" asks Joe, because he’s surprised that someone his age is aware of a widely beloved character who has appeared in wildly popular comic books for four decades not to mention several hit movies in the last ten years. Big Jim comes in, looking for some help from Alice, who tells the seizure twins to stay put.

Big Jim takes her to the waiting room, nearly every seat full of people coughing and sick. She gets ready to go to work, but the hospital is already out of basic supplies like gloves. After just a few days?

Elsewhere in the hospital, Junior and Barbie are hauling cots down the hallway, where a pissed Julia tells Barbie she came in with his friend, Phil Bushey. Barbie tells a smirking Junior to head down the hall without him. “If you’ve never been to Chester’s Mill before, how do you know Phil?” she asks. Barbie says he has no idea what she’s talking about, so she shows him his map, and she doesn’t have much time for his indignance over her going through his stuff, but she says he lied about getting into fight with Junior, and she wanted to know what else he was lying about. Barbie walks away while she yells about wanting the truth, but then she collapses herself. Barbie got lucky there!

Over in Linda’s room, her third-grade teacher, Ms. Moore, is being wheeled in. They greet each other warmly -- Linda declaring Ms. Moore an awesome teacher, Ms. Moore saying Linda was a terrible student. Ms. Moore might as well have a red shirt on.

In the waiting room, Big Jim asks Alice what’s going on and she says she thinks it’s a meningitis outbreak. They don’t have spinal tap kits, but all the symptoms are there. After quickly explaining that they have all been vaccinated and are therefore safe, Angie warns them that it’s highly contagious and therefore nobody can leave the hospital. But a more pressing problem is that they don’t have enough antibiotics to treat everyone, and Barbie gets the bright idea to go to the pharmacy for more.

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Under the Dome




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