Under the Dome

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Touch Me, I'm Sick

…and after a quick cut showing Barbie getting his stuff and leaving Julia’s house…

…Alice catches Carolyn stealing some insulin, because she’s worried they might not have enough. "What if the dome lasts forever?" she says. Well, an extra few days of insulin won’t matter then, really. She puts it back.

Junior has taken Linda -- her hair done for the first time this series -- back to the station, where Linda feels bad about Ms. Moore giving up her medicine for her. "She knew how important you are to this town. To all of us," says Junior. Linda returns the favor by telling him he saved a lot of lives today. "Duke always said the greatest weapon we have as police is a good heart," says Linda. Not a good judgment of character so much, as Linda offers Junior a shiny deputy’s badge.

Over at the Rennie household, Lester is waiting for Big Jim on the porch swing. He’s got a bag of money that he says represents his share of the profts. "Keep all the propane. I’m going to wash my hands of our dirty little business," he says. Big Jim says it’s a little late for that. Lester says it’s never too late to repent, and that Big Jim has damned the town for defying god’s will.

In a surprise move, Big Jim, pours himself a belt of scotch in the kitchen -- which is where he hears Angie’s screams coming up through the pipework and out of the sink. He makes his way outside, and into the bomb shelter. He’s surprised to see a foot of water on the floor -- and even more surprised to see a shivering, terrified Angie in the bunkroom. Angie does not look overly relieved to see Big Jim -- probably because she knows this doesn't necessarily mean she's rescued now.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. Maybe if they get the power back on at Joe’s house, they can put the X-Men movies “on a loop.” Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel@gmail.com.

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Under the Dome




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