Under the Dome
The Fire

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Keep The Dome Fires Burning

The radio's on at Sweetbriar Rose, where Big Jim is fixing the generator. The lights come back on, and the Big City Lesbian Couple are drawn out in the hopes that the dome is gone. They're introduced as Carolyn and Alice from L.A., staying in Rose's spare room. Alice says they're taking their daughter to... and Carolyn cuts her off to say "to camp." And they talk about the seizure, the moms a little vague on the details. Big Jim tells them if they have to get stuck someplace, it might as well be here, a sentiment that's a little undercut when Linda bursts in, blood splattered across her shirt, and tells him Duke's dead.

Julia is throwing a tennis ball against the dome, annoyed that the soldiers aren't paying her any attention. Barbie comes out and jokes that she could strip naked and they wouldn't blink. Julia says she tried that an hour ago and Barbie can't help but pop a boner at the possibility that she's not kidding. Julia's working under the assumption that the military are responsible for these, as in an experimental portable detention camp kind of thing. And they're the reason her husband is trapped out there, she yells. Barbie, unsurprisingly, does not correct her. When Julia sees one of the soldiers talking on the radio, she hops in her car and peels out for the radio station. "They might not be talking to us, but they're talking to somebody," she says.

Over in Who Cares Junior's Presumable Sex Dungeon, Angie is rattling around. She hears Junior come in and jumps him when he enters, bringing her a plate of food. She manages to make it to the ground-level doors, but they're locked and Junior's got the key. He hauls her back down the bed and chains him to the bed. She screams at him and he says the dome has scrambled her brain. "You're sick, Angie, but I'm going to make you better," he says. Great idea: Take me to the hospital, she replies, but Junior darkly says the guy he saw her with might still be there. Angie barely has any idea who Junior's talking about at first, and then tells him that Barbie just gave her a cigarette, but he doesn't believe it. "When this thing comes down, you're going to love me again," he tells her, and then she screams that she will never love him. This seems to affect him, so Angie really goes for it, admitting that Barbie didn't just give her a cigarette: "He screwed my brains out, and I loved every minute of it." Yeah, this is a great idea! Nice touch, saying Junior will never be the man Barbie is. Jesus, don't poke the bear, you idiot! Junior leaves, and Angie screams a little more.

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Under the Dome




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