Under the Dome
The Fire

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Keep The Dome Fires Burning

There's Duke, lying dead on a slab at the morgue, Big Jim and Linda looking on. "I loved him. He was like a father to me," says Linda, and she asks Jim about what Duke might have been talking about when he said there were things about Chester's Mill he wanted to protect her from, but Big Jim plays dumb.

The mortician (who appears also to be a reverend) walks in -- this guy can do whatever else he likes and I will always see him as the creepy guy Elaine Benes worked with at J. Peterman. He moans about what he's going to do with another dead body, and Big Jim snaps at him, telling him to show some respect to Duke. Lester softens considerably when he hears who it is (once his hearing aid is turned on). He offers his condolences to Linda, who leaves to get back to work.

As soon as she's gone, Big Jim angrily throws Lester against the wall, growling that Lester is using their "stuff," because he's high as a kite. And another little piece of the puzzle falls into place. Lester's all, "May as well! It's Judgment Day!" Big Jim says the only reason they got into it was to save Chester's Mill, and Lester reminds him that that's why Duke went along with it; they, on the other hand, had other priorities. Big Jim orders Lester to come with him so they can clean up their mess.

Joe's idiot friend Ben is spray painting a doorway on the dome, while Joe makes notes. Barbie strolls up, and Joe is excited to show him the work he's done -- he's already determined it's about ten miles across. Barbie tells him to keep it up and swaggers off. Ben (and especially Joe) gaze lovingly after the guy who is clearly not from around here since he's cool.

Over at the radio station, Phil and Dodee are listening to scratchy voices on her doohickey, and Julia comes in all, "What the hell is that?" Even though we can barely hear anything being said.

Linda comes into the town hall, spotting the silhouette of someone behind the door to Duke's office. It turns out to be Big Jim, who covers by handing her the document he says he was looking for: Duke's will. She opens it and learns Duke was leaving her everything, including his house. "Of course he did. He treated you like the daughter he never had," says Big Jim. Linda starts crying, and Big Jim embraces her. She wants to know what happens now. Big Jim probably does too.

What he does do is go out to his SUV to bitch at Lester for not managing to warn him somehow about Linda showing up, and tells him Duke didn't have anything in the office about propane. Lester figures it must be at the house and Big Jim orders him to get over there before Linda does. I suppose in all the chaos, Linda's main priority is going to be reveling in her new house, courtesy of her recently deceased dad-boss?

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Under the Dome




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