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The Fire

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Keep The Dome Fires Burning

Then we're back to Junior's Sex Fungeon, where he strolls in sporting the bruises that Barbie laid on him. "Took care of your boyfriend," he tells Angie. He tries to claim he killed Barbie, but Angie doesn't buy it because she's known Junior since the third grade. "Even you couldn't do something that terrible," she tells him. Uh... he kidnapped you and chained you to a bed in a bomb shelter, Angie. You may want to reassess. He's just happy to hear the old Angie again, and gives her a piece of paper. "This is what we're working for," he tells her, and gives her a folded piece of paper before leaving. It's a series of those photos that you take in booths at the malls that only collect dust these days.

Back at Duke's place, Barbie is wasting water by hosing down the not-even-smoldering rubble and Julia praises his great idea that I hate to tell her WASN'T EVEN WORKING, and he flirts back a bit and she notices his dog tags. He says he just found them right where he left them on the mirror. She's all, "Huh, that's the first place I checked. Must have just missed them."

Big Jim gives Lester -- on a stretcher, about to go in an ambulance -- hell for making such a hash of things, and then Linda comes by so Big Jim's got to pretend to be nice. She asks why he was there, and Lester -- sounding like he's lying while glancing at Big Jim -- says he was getting a suit for the funeral, and he flipped on a light and doesn't remember anything else. Big Jim yes-ands him, saying the dome is right in Duke's backyard line, so it probably severed the gas line.

Then the crowd of townspeople applaud Linda for saving Lester and Big Jim for putting out the fire (the rubble is now smoking again, in the background). Big Jim takes the opportunity to praise the town for coming together, warning them that this will not be the last crisis they face: "We'll get through the next one with the same courage and solidarity that we showed today."

Then Paul Randolph is all, "Like hell we will!" and goes off on how it's no big deal that they put out a fire. The dome is trapping smoke and they can't get out. The other cops urge him to take it easy, which only makes him pull out his gun. "It's not gonna be OK! This thing is never gonna go away, and we're all gonna die!" he yells, and turns and fires at the dome. The shot ricochets, hitting Freddy in the chest. Everyone looks on in horror, and Barbie quickly disarms Paul -- who is not so far gone that he's not shocked at what just happened -- and this series is two-for-two in Ending Episodes with Linda Cradling a Dead Colleague.

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Under the Dome




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