Under the Dome
Thicker Than Water

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I’ve Looked At Blood From Both Sides Now
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Big Jim wakes up in his bed to the sound of someone entering his home. He grabs a gun from the bedside table and cautiously makes his way downstairs, where he finds Junior coming in. "What the hell are you doing here?" he growls at Junior, keeping the gun pointed at his son the entire time. Junior asks him to put the gun down, and Big Jim says, "What are you doing in my house?" so you know Junior’s response "It’s my house too" isn’t going to met with affability or agreement.

"Not anymore," says Big Jim. Junior points out that Big Jim only told him to stay away from Angie, who isn’t there. But Big Jim’s not super-impressed that Junior killed Clint Dundee, even if he has "no sympathy" for the Dundee brothers, and says Junior doesn’t get to be judge and executioner since he’s not in his right mind. (Not even if he was, though, right?) Big Jim says Junior sounds just like his mother did "at the end," which hurts Junior, who asks his dad not to say that. "I’ll tell you this, though. You’re no son of mine. Not anymore," says Big Jim, and orders him to get out. Sad Junior walks past, then turns back, and angrily tells his dad not to talk that way about his mom again, ever.

Daylight, and a distractingly huge monarch butterfly (it’ll be important later) flaps around over the bucolic scene of Barbie digging a goddamn grave right in the back lawn (or it could be the front, but that would be dumb, right?) of Julia’s house. She comes out to praise the job he’s doing, with the nice military corners. He tells her she’s thinking of a bed (yeah she is!) and she points out it’s the same shape.

She’s brought him some water, and he takes a break, asking when Norrie and Carolyn want to bury Alice, like what’s your hurry, Barbie. Julia says she can’t imagine losing a spouse, since she doesn’t yet know that Barbie killed hers. And then Barbie has to put up with Julia’s eye roll-inducing trite pseudo-philosophizing about the "circle of life" wherein Harriet has a baby and Alice dies in the same house, on the same day. Oh, put it on a Lululemon bag, Julia.

Inside, Angie surveys the mostly empty fridge, and then gives Joe the gears about how he was too busy with his new girlfriend to go grocery shopping, and Joe corrects Norrie’s status as "girl space friend," and points out that the stores have all been looted. So she gives him the gears for not doing that.” He points out that’s stealing, and is aghast at the idea, as well as Angie’s blasé admission that she stole lipstick from the pharmacy, and Duke made her do community service, which is why she started candy striping AS IF her brother doesn’t know all this already.

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Under the Dome




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