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I’ve Looked At Blood From Both Sides Now

So he asks her where she was all weekend, adding that the only one who said he saw her was Junior. Angie flinches a little and then says of course she disappeared. "I’m the screw-up, right?" Poor Joe says he never thought she was a screw-up. Looking a little embarrassed, Angie suggests they go to the diner, but not before Norrie comes skulking down the stairs. Joe asks her how she’s feeling. "Well, my mom just died twelve hours ago, so how do you think?" she snaps. Joe apologizes, and then asks if she wants to come to the diner, but she’d rather not, and when he presses the issue she snaps at him again about how she doesn’t need him to take care of her.

And the diner has magically not been looted, and now Angie is pouring Julia coffee when Big Jim comes in, surprised to see she’d let herself in. "You know who let himself in last night? Your insane son!" Angie hisses at him.

Big Jim hustles her into the kitchen so they don’t have to have this fight in front of the journalist, and Angie tells him Junior was talking about how Clinton and Waylon Dundee will never hurt her again: "Like a wildcat bringing a dead mouse! A sick offering! It freaked me out!" she says. Not to mention the fact that Big Jim promised he’d protect her. "It won’t happen again. I give you my word," he says, and asks what he can do to make it up to her.

She says the diner needs food. It would be good to open it up again, and that Rose would have wanted that. Big Jim says he’ll talk to Ollie Densmore and come to an arrangement. "You know, the day’s coming when the only way any of us are going to get food is by taking it out of the ground," he says, and Angie reacts like she’s never heard of farming before. She asks if he thinks the dome is going to be here forever, and he doesn’t answer, but shares an awkward hello with Julia as he leaves.

Julia wanders over to where Joe is sketching the domed egg thing, and when she asks what it is, he says it’s nothing, and crumples it up and throws it on the floor. You may be living under a dome, Joe, but you weren’t born in a barn. I mean, probably.

Speaking of the domed egg, out in the forest, wind blows off the crafty leaf camouflage, and the egg starts glowing with pink lines running up the surface. Like pink stars, you might even say, falling upwards.

Big Jim rolls up at Ollie’s place, where a guard calls Ollie out. "I don’t expect you came out here to apologize for casting aspersions on my good name," says Ollie. Jim says they’ll be having a food shortage soon, but the two of them can work together to prevent it. Ollie’s all, I have the water, and what do you have again? Big Jim’s propane currency is meaningless, all of a sudden: "My ancestors made do without irrigation systems or DVD players. I expect we can get by without them now," he says.

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Under the Dome




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