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I’ve Looked At Blood From Both Sides Now

Big Jim can’t believe Ollie would starve people to get back at him, but Ollie figures the townsfolk would blame Big Jim for that (I’m not sure that’s sound logic) and says when Chester’s Mill realize Big Jim’s responsible for their empty stomachs (again, they’d blame Big Jim and not Ollie why?). "They’re going to drum you out faster than a knife fight in a phone booth," he says. I’m not sure that analogy makes any sense either. But Ollie figures he’ll … take over as councilman once Big Jim is … recalled? Killed?

Anyway, over at the town hall, Linda and Barbie take a breather when they hear someone skulking around in the other room. It turns out to be Junior, helping himself to another rifle "for patrol." Linda, probably assuming that would be another dead resident, wants him to leave the gun here, and she takes it from him. "So what, you don’t trust me now?" he whines, and she’s all well, now that you mention it, NO, and says if they weren’t so short-handed she’d have fired his ass.

She says he’s on probation, and doesn’t get a gun until she says he’s earned it. And then Big Jim shows up, looking for Linda. And Barbie too, but that really seems it’s just because Barbie’s already there. He doesn’t say a word to Junior, who rolls his eyes.

Barbie and Linda follow Big Jim into his office, where he tells them about Ollie needing to satisfy his "power-hungry whims" which is of course an attitude Big Jim is an expert on. Linda suggests negotiating with him, but Big Jim has a better plan: eminent domain. Barbie’s skeptical that Ollie will react favorably to having his land seized. "That’s why I’m bringing the police," says Big Jim. Yeah, Barbie, you dumbass. Big Jim tells Linda to get Carter and Junior and meet him in front of the town hall in an hour.

Julia, Angie and Joe come back to the McAllisters with their arms full of food. Norrie is moping in the living room. Carolyn is still upstairs, "sitting next to the corpse of her dead wife," as she puts it. Norrie’s blaming Joe because it was his idea to go to the centre of the dome, and Alice had her heart attack right when they touched it. "She died because we touched it. Bad things happen when we’re together," says Norrie, adding that when Carolyn’s ready, they’ll find somewhere else to stay. Joe pleads with her, and Norrie drama-queens that she’d like to be alone now. You mean, in the living room? Joe doesn’t move, until she yells at him to leave her alone.

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Under the Dome




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