Under the Dome
Thicker Than Water

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I’ve Looked At Blood From Both Sides Now

Over at Ollie’s place, Big Jim and his posse roll up, but Densmore is nowhere to be found. Jim orders Carter — who might as well have on a red shirt — to secure the well, which I guess means "go stand by the well," and then Ollie rides up with an armed posse of his own. "You’re trespassing on private property," he tells Big Jim, who says it’s not private anymore, under the authority of the township.

Ollie says he doesn’t recognize Big Jim’s authority, or Linda’s, for that matter, or anyone standing with Big Jim. "Whatever food we produce with my water stays with us. Tell that to your precious township," says Ollie, who tells Carter to move away from the well. An uncertain Carter looks to Big Jim, and stands fast. "Wendell? Kneecap," says Ollie, and this Wendell looks through the sight on his rifle and fires into Carter’s leg. Linda draws her gun, and the rest of the posse cocks their rifles, so Barbie urges her to put the gun down. Ollie says any attempts to commandeer the land or the well will be met with "most serious consequences," and orders them off the land.

Junior strolls over to Ollie — "Junior!" yells Big Jim — and asks if he needs any help. Ollie, not looking terribly surprised, tells him to take Big Jim’s gone. Smirking, Junior does so, and sticks it in his own belt, and then Ollie repeats his request for them to leave before anyone else gets hurt. Big Jim starts to move, glaring at his son the entire time.

Joe is glumly looking at the open grave in his yard when Julia comes out to see how he’s doing. He whines about how Norrie thinks it’s his fault her mom died, and Julia says she doesn’t, and lets him in on a little secret: "Women say a lot of things they don’t mean, especially at that age," she says. Kinda disappointing that Julia goes all "bitches be trippin'" on Joe her. Like, way to sell out your own sex, JULIA.

Joe is still over the moon on Norrie, saying he’s never really met anyone like here, and they have this connection, and "it’s even more intense at the egg." A clumsier slip-up there could not be. Julia’s all "egg?" and now Joe doesn’t want to talk about it, but Julia says he can trust her, and if it has something to do with the dome, they all have a right to know. So he fills her in, and she orders him to take her to the egg right now.

Linda, Barbie and Big Jim regroup in front of town hall, having dropped Carter off to get treatment at the hospital that ran out of supplies like the day after the dome appeared. Jim’s making big plans for their return, and Barbie is needling him about how Ollie clearly had more support than Big Jim counted on. Big Jim says the other farmers are only backing Big Jim because they need the water, so they’ll be loyal to whoever controls the well. Over Linda and Barbie’s protests, Big Jim is intent on rounding up a posse — "He shot a deputy, there’s no diplomatic solution," he says — and heading back out there. He leaves to drum up some volunteers to get shot at, while Barbie pulls Linda into the town hall because he thinks he’s got a better solution.

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Under the Dome




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