Under the Dome
Thicker Than Water

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I’ve Looked At Blood From Both Sides Now

After a commercial break, they’re walking back through the woods, Julia quite freaked out about the whole thing. Joe’s surprised the other him said anything, because when they saw Alice, she didn’t say anything. This is another piece of information Joe apparently didn’t share: "That’s something you could have mentioned, Joe," Julia says. Joe, meanwhile, is getting freaked out because Alice died after they saw her.

Over at Ollie’s place, Barbie manages to cross open field in broad daylight without being seen by the patrols, and he gets into Ollie’s barn to MacGyver the shit out of the fertilizer and other bomb components.

Over at the McAllisters’, Angie finds Norrie moping about on her bed, and Angie apologizes to Norrie, who is all, "It’s your bed," and yet makes no move to leave. They make small talk, and Norrie explains that she was on her way to some deprogramming camp. Angie says she knows Second Horizons well and that she had "preferred guest membership" for a while there. It was Norrie’s mom’s "stupid idea" for Norrie to go there, so "it’s the bitch’s own fault she’s dead," apparently.

Angie’s not quite sure how to respond to that, so she asks if Norrie’s ever been to New York, since she’s turning over the New York snow globe over and over again. Yeah, lots, says Norrie, and Angie says she got the snow globe from someone she "used to know" who always used to bring her back snow globes and she’d vow to visit everyone of those places. But now "you’re in a snow globe," says Norrie, which I agree is rather on-the-nose dialogue, except I do think it’s the kind of stupid on-the-nose thing a person might actually say. Then Angie gets an idea, and the next thing we know, she and Norrie are smashing the snow globes against the dome. Take that, New York! See you in hell, L.A.! Well, that’s actually the last one, as Norrie picks it up and starts crying, since she actually blames herself for Alice’s death. Angie does her best to comfort Norrie.

And here’s Big Jim’s posse stealing up under cover of darkness to Ollie’s farm. A scout gives Big Jim the lowdown on how many people are there, although he didn’t see Junior anywhere. Linda makes a last-ditch appeal to reason (and I’d like to point out to Linda that she doesn’t have to be there), pointing out that Junior is among the men that Big Jim is deadest on attacking. Big Jim is all, "He made his choice!"

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Under the Dome




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