Under the Dome
Thicker Than Water

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I’ve Looked At Blood From Both Sides Now

Big Jim finally notices that Barbie is not there, and Linda’s silence is pretty much all Big Jim needs to know that Barbie’s following through on his well detonation plan.

Then a firefight breaks out between the two sides, and Barbie is attacked before he can set off his well bomb. Phil is shot, like, immediately, but he’s OK. Don’t worry, Phil fans! Barbie fights off his attacker and sets off his well bomb. "Dammit, Barbie!" says Big Jim. And then the fighting completely stops, what with the point of the siege completely obliterated. Big Jim’s men just head for the hills despite him ordering them to stand their ground. Then Big Jim gets the butt-end of Junior’s shotgun in his face, knocking him cold.

After a break, a bloodied Big Jim is hauled into Ollie’s living room, and Ollie is, to put it mildly, displeased that Jim wasn’t satisfied with blowing up the propane tank but had to dynamite the well too. Big Jim tries to say it wasn’t him. That’s true, but his goal pretty much was to kill Ollie, so it’s not like the alternative’s too appealing. Junior’s there, and soon he’s the only other one, since Ollie’s men are now deserting too, what with the well gone. "You thought we were fighting for you?" sneers one as he leaves. Big Jim’s not too beaten-down to point out the fair-weather friends. "He’s all yours, just like you wanted," Ollie tells Junior, lifting up the rifle Junior’s holding for good measure.

Elsewhere, Linda — rushing with a bloodied Phil in the back seat of her patrol car — almost runs down Joe, dazedly crossing the road. This outwardly pointless scene appears to exist solely to let us all know that Phil’s going to be OK. That’s good, I guess.

Back at Ollie’s, Junior’s not interested in listening to anything Big Jim has to say: "You told me she died in a car crash," says Junior. Pssst! Junior! That’s the true part! With Junior’s shotgun pointed at his head, Big Jim admits that it wasn’t an accident. She’d been unsteady for a while, and then she and Big Jim had a big fight and she took off in the car. "A witness said she stopped, pointed the lamps at a 200-year-old oak. She must have hit the tree going eighty miles an hour," says Big Jim. Right through the windshield. Duke helped him cover it up by bribing the witness.

Junior lowers the gun and asks why Big Jim lied. "I don’t know," says Big Jim, and up goes the shotgun again, and an angry Junior asks again. And Big Jim starts crying. "I didn’t want you to know that she chose to leave you. She chose to leave us," blubbers Big Jim. Ollie’s thoroughly disgusted by the display, with Junior softly asking if that was the truth. Big Jim apologizes, but Ollie’s had enough and — apparently terrible at reading the mood of the room — announces he’ll kill Big Jim himself, only to get shot in the gut by Junior instead. Junior gives Big Jim his gun back, and says he believes him.

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Under the Dome




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