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Assassin's Creed
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A motorcade passes through Lima, Peru with scores of people lining the streets to cheer it on. While this is going on, we see flashes of a pair of gloved hands unpacking a rifle. The rifle is constructed by a man in a tower as the important politician in the motorcade steps out of his limo and waves to the crowd. He makes his way to a podium in a courtyard which is overlooked by a tower. Hm... makes you wonder if that's the same tower that gunman is in. The politician begins his speech to the cheering crowd as his head is lined up in crosshairs. The camera pulls back from the barrel of the rife to reveal the gunman is Steven. He pulls the trigger.

A plain black-and-white title card reads, "3 days earlier." Oh... so three days earlier somebody wrote that completely unconvincing scene? Steven and Samantha do their bickering thing at Bloom Catering, and if that's not enough indication that nothing ground-breaking for Steven's character will happen leading up to that scene, I don't know what is. Lizzy informs Samantha that an old friend of Sam's from college has let herself in and would like to speak with Sam. She's an attractive and high-strung woman who pretends she wasn't snooping through Samantha's papers when Sam and Steven walk into their office to greet her. Jennifer Anthony is her name and she is an old classmate of Samantha's from Yale. Small talk between the three reveals Samantha was in journalism and was selected by her professor exclusively to go on assignment in Hong Kong. Samantha goes melancholy at breaking the news to Jennifer that Professor Schilling died in a car accident. On that sad note, the Blooms have to excuse themselves because they have a meeting with Shaw. Lizzy will be handling Jennifer's catering job.

The file for a Victor Guzman is put in front of the Blooms by Shaw. He's an elusive hitman who was recently caught in Santiago, Chile after a lengthy sting operation. His capture has remained a secret, and he's revealed to the CIA he had been hired by a broker named Mikhail Ivanov to assassinate the President-elect of Peru, Alberto Loya. The assassination is likely still on with a different gunman, but there's no lead on who wants Loya dead. The US government wants Loya in power, and any involvement in preventing his assassination must remain undetected.

That night at the Undercovers Home, Samantha examines a small charm bracelet she's dug out of her closet. Steven asks about it, so Sam explains it was given to her by her professor before she went to Hong Kong. She gushes over the guy, saying he made you believe anyone could change the world. She wonders if he'd still be proud of her. Steven's sure he would be. Come on. She's a master chef and superspy. Those two things combined would make any journalism teacher proud. The conversation shifts to the plan for Peru. There will be a press event in Lima leading up to Loya's inauguration. Loya is pretty open about giving interviews, so they'll just need to secure credentials to get in. From there, Samantha just needs to get him comfortable enough to divulge all his mortal enemies to her. The Blooms always have the best plans. It's why this show works.

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