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The Polygraphic Spree
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We start out in Dublin. A guy in a hoodie out in the rain calls another guy, and we see that his name on the caller ID is Sean Cullen. Sean tells Other Guy he secured something and will be mailing him a security deposit key for where it's being stashed. Sean won't, however, reveal anything else, because the cops are onto him. They hang up, and a blonde woman asks Other Guy what's wrong. Meanwhile, Sean gets noticed by a cop car and is pursued by multiple cop cars until they finally corner him and make an arrest.

It's very early in the morning at Blooms' Catering. Sam and Steven open up shop and discover Lizzy has been hard at work on new recipes. It's currently only 7am. This raises a red flag for Steven. He suspects Lizzy's started drinking again, and he can make this accusation because he is the self-declared human lie detector. I smell a running theme!

Cut to Carlton Shaw sitting by himself at an outdoor cafe on the phone, wearing sunglasses and talking to the mystery man about the Blooms. It's essentially the same conversation from the pilot episode. The Blooms still have no idea why they were really reactivated by the CIA and Shaw suggests to Mystery Man that they be more straightforward about it. Mystery Man essentially says, "No." Ominous.

Back at Blooms' Catering, Steven thinks he's figured out why Lizzy is acting so strange. Lizzy needs money. Of course! Human lie detector! Again, to undermine Steven's claim to fame, Mr. Carlton "Liar" Shaw shows up behind him. He starts going over information about Sean Cullen. Sean was a bag thrower at Shannon Airport in Ireland. The CIA apparently uses this airport almost exclusively to move sensitive hardware, and Cullen got his hands on a hard drive with the whereabouts of CIA detention facilities and their detainees. With this information, any terrorist organization in the world could track down their incarcerated comrades and try to free them. It'd be chaos! The plan is for the Blooms to go to Dublin and question Cullen without letting Irish authorities know they're operating there.

Cullen, meanwhile, is in his jail cell as a guard walks the green quarter-mile to check on all the prisoners. Sean grabs a plush monkey toy and tears off one of its button eyes. Inside the monkey there's a white powder which Cullen promptly starts to eat. He begins convulsing. The guard finds Sean lying unconscious on his bed with a pool of blood coming from his mouth. This is why we can't have nice things.

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