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The Polygraphic Spree

Leo, Sam and Steven speak with the prison warden about the possibility of any further leads. There's no lead on who delivered the monkey, but Steven just happens to have some photographs of a tattoo on Sean's neck, which indicates he's part of a gang of former IRA members. The warden comments that Leo should be careful about his fake chief inspector job with Steven's up-and-coming sleuthing. It's so easy to be usurped in the Department of Irish Accents.

Hoyt is stenciling a fake of the gang tattoo onto Steven's neck while Cullen is off somewhere shaving his head to reveal his tattoo on his neck. Cullen's in a track suit and slips on some shades. Let's hope he's on his way to a soccer riot or something.

In a hangar/warehouse, Leo and Sam walk and talk as they prepare. He asks if she ever told Steven why she left the CIA. It's a throwback to a similar conversation Leo had with Steven, and the answer is the same. She hasn't told Steven and she doesn't want Leo to, either. The tension is cut by Steven entering and asking if Samantha wants to raid an IRA bar. He's got a picture of Cullen's ex-wife, which is enough to distract Leo probably for the rest of the episode. He eagerly declares they need to check her out. Hoyt will be his wingman. This should be good.

In a garden area, Leo and Hoyt follow behind the woman in the picture dressed as U.S. fighter pilots. Yup. Leo reminds the woman, whose name is Fiona, that his name is Goose. Thanks for opening up old wounds, Leo. The story is that they are old buddies of Cullen's. Fiona is skeptical about all of this, because Sean hated Yanks. They follow her into her flower shop and pass by a rack full of the same stuffed monkeys as the one Sean had in his jail cell. Leo asks if Fiona ever sent him anything in prison, but she claims she hates his guts and wouldn't ever send him anything. Leo sees he's going to need to get a little sexual and asks her out for a drink and tells Hoyt to get lost.

At that IRA bar, the Blooms enter in full black leather, head-to-toe. Steven tells the bartender he just got out of prison so the bartender hands him and Sam shots on the house. Steven casually asks about Sean. The bartender gives Steven a weird look, turns to the rest of the bar and announces that Steven's looking for a guy named Sean who just got out of prison. Everyone laughs. That's the type of thing that can really lower a field agent's self-esteem. A crusty drunk guy sitting next to Steven reiterates in a not-so-polite way that Sean is not present. Steven nods, smiles, stands up and quickly slams the guy's head into the bar. The bar reacts in a half-way impressed way like they see this all the time, but grudgingly approve. Steven tells the bartender he'll just wait until Sean shows up.

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