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The Polygraphic Spree

The blonde chick who was with Cullen's partner when Sean was running from police leaves a piano lesson or something at night and gets snagged from behind by Cullen. Her name's Marie, and she's had better nights.

Some time has passed at the bar, and now the bartender has gotten word that the gang boss wants to see Steven in the back. This sounds promising. Two goons show up behind Steven and Bartender instructs Steven to follow. Sam gets up as well, but Bartender stops her. No girlfriends allowed. Surprisingly, Sam doesn't respond with something corny like: "I'm his wife," and stays put.

In the back, Boss Man invites Steven to take a seat. He does and the two goons immediately restrain him and put a knife to his neck. "Why don't you tell me who you really are and what you're doing in my bar." Instead, Steven kicks one of the goons in the head and knocks the other guy back with his chair. He gets up, disarms the guy with the knife, knocks him out, takes the knife and stabs it into Boss Man's desk. "Like I said, I'm looking for Sean Cullen."


Boss Man and Steven are still staring each other down. The two goons have been fired for getting their asses kicked and Boss Man starts asking questions. He knows Steven can't be from the prison because he just got out of there himself. Steven tries the angle that Cullen stole from him and he wants to get even. Boss Man is like, "Get in line," but he reveals that the plan for the hard drive involved Cullen's partner from the airport, Brian Murphy. Steven thanks Boss Man for the info with a double fist tap on his desk and walks out silently.

In the Undercoversmobile, Hoyt is overly concerned about how things went for Steven back there. The Blooms ignore Hoyt, and Steven brings Sam up to speed about Brian Murphy. He knows Boss Man wasn't lying, because he is the human lie detector, after all. Hoyt gets excited at the mention of this because he read about Steven's skill in his file. Bill runs a check on Interpol and Shannon Airport for Brian Murphy. Sam asks where Leo is.

Cut to Fiona straddling Leo in her undies and being way too talkative about Sean. Is talk of ex-boyfriend terrorists Leo's fetish? I can't see how this can be hot otherwise. Fiona leads Leo to the bed as he stares at her barely clad butt and her tramp stamp. "Wow. What kind of crazy man would cheat on you?" Probably all guys, Leo. She responds, "The kind of guy that would check into cheap hotels under the name 'George Best,'" a reference to the Irish soccer player. Before Leo can hop in bed, his phone goes off. Steven: "How'd she check out?" Leo looks over at the bed and smiles. "She's clean." Steven: "Hoyt seems to think she was hung up on her ex." Leo: "She's over him. Trust me. Bye." Hoyt has found out Brian worked at Shannon Airport with Cullen and knew about CIA planes coming through there. He lives in Smithfield.

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