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Undercover(extraneous "s")
would be me when, I'm on holiday. Undercover Brother hands our man Henri the USB drive. It will take 6 hours to decrypt the file on there, but Henri says he could tell them instantly where the computer is located and where the file originated, meaning we can know now, right this instant where Leo Nash's laptop is located. Henri runs the trace on the laptop's IP address, which is located in Moscow. The Third Rome!

Postcard transition to Moscow at night. Undercovers pull up in a tiny, yellow Russian car and get out in full black skulking attire. We pull back to see they are entering a large power plant. They set up shop in a tiny room where they lay out and turn on all their gear. Samantha pulls out a little netbook which is connected to a small camcorder Stephen has trained on an adjacent building. The netbook displays on its screen the heat signatures within. There are five heat signatures on the first floor and a sixth one by itself on the second floor in a chair. Samantha runs a vascular scan and identifies the signature as Leo Nash. Huzzah! Just then, Steven's phone vibrates. It's Henri. Undercover Brother walks into the foreground and looks distressed as he responds to Henri in French with no subtitles, leaving Samantha to keep asking what's going on from over Steven's shoulder. Steven hangs up. Leo's USB drive had a U.S. Defense Department memo with classified weapons system information. Steven says Leo was planning to sell it and he's a traitor. Steven's mind is dead-set on going in there alone to get Leo and he tries to convince Samantha to stay behind as back-up. This argument turns into a discussion on how they ended up in this situation and then turns into reminiscing of this being how they both were when they first met. They kiss, Steven promises it's going to be OK and he turns to leave. Before walking out, he turns back to Sam and pauses. "Nice meeting you again." They share a smile, but it fades off Samantha's face as she watches her husband disappear out the door into the darkness.


Steven runs through the mostly deserted power plant. He's in radio communication with Samantha through his earpiece and she's tracking him with her thermal camera and netbook combo. I could really use one of those in the kitchen. You know... know exactly when the chicken is ready. That would be sweet! Samantha's phone vibrates and it's the Queen of Unnecessary and Annoying Phone Calls, Lizzy. The Chan-Finklestein wedding went off without a hitch... except that they got hitched. Thank goodness. They even made Lizzy "an honorary Chinese-Jew." Jealous. Lizzy thanks Samantha for trusting her to handle the wedding herself. Steven over radio reminds Sam to remind Lizzy to feed their dog, Waldorf. Lizzy says she won't forget because Waldorf is the only man who loves her. I... don't think that's a joke.

Sam has to hang up with Lizzy because she sees a heat signature up ahead of Steven. She tells him to hold up so he can time his attack on the guy based on what she's seeing remotely. Steven is able to elbow the guy in the neck with perfect timing as he rounds the corner and diffuses him quickly. Steven finds himself looking at Leo and they share an awkward exchange of "Hey." Leo thanks Steven for rescuing him, but doesn't want to be rescued because Schlotzsky's is on his way there right now. Steven proceeds with untying Leo because he's mostly still convinced Leo could be a traitor. Steven hears something behind him and pulls his gun. It's Sam. Leo's happy to see her and makes googly eyes at her while she insists to Steven she couldn't let him rescue Leo alone. Leo explains to Steven that he admittedly gave up a single page of a top secret document, but it was worth it if it means capturing Alexander Slotsky. He punctuates this point by turning to Samantha and complimenting her jacket and adding he's noticed Steven's hostility. Samantha tells Leo she has told Steven about their past relationship, which Leo insists was 9 months, not 8 as she had been claiming. Just as Leo begins to make things even more awkward by bringing up how he and Sam used to sleep together, Sam notices a henchman up on a catwalk and both she and Steven pull guns and fire in unison, taking him down. They begin moving and Leo is immediately shot in the leg. They take cover while Steven ties a compress onto Leo's leg. Sam has picked up a walkie-talkie from one of the henchmen and overhears that Slotsky is on his way. She orders Steven and Leo to try and get out while she goes after him. Steven weakly protests, but Sam simply says it's her turn. They kiss while Leo has a look of disgust on his face. "What? Get a room," is all he can muster. This whole show needs to get a room already.

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