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Undercover(extraneous "s")

We cut to the door of a U.S. Air Force cargo plane opening and Leo Nash stepping out with a cane, followed by the Blooms. Nash refuses a wheelchair from an Air Force official who insists he's following orders. Steven thinks he should do what he's told for once, but this is Leo's first time being back in America in five years. He wants to walk on this soil. Bill Hoyt shows up in a suit and tries to tell Steven what a pleasure it's been working with him, but Steven cuts him off, so he turns to Samantha and tells her she's amazing as well... for being married to him. Leo turns back to thank the Blooms for having his back and he jokes about Samantha having his number still if things don't work out with her and Steven as he hobbles off. Har har.

Back in Shaw's office, he is actually complimenting the Undercovers for their work rescuing Leo and admits his surprise they captured Slotsky as well. Steven thinks Shaw owes Sam an apology, but instead Shaw offers them a job to continue their work with the CIA. They insist they'll need to maintain their catering company and basically have all of the same resources they had for this mission. Shaw cuts them off before their demands get ridiculous because, as he admits, he has been advised to accept any terms they propose. Yay! More of the same!

Back at the formerly stagnant love nest of the Blooms, Steven is in bed reading a magazine and comments on how the bed feels so much more comfortable than when they left, but he trails off because Samantha walks in wearing a sexy nightgown. She stands in the doorway seductively. Seriously, do women just look better in doorways or what? That's so not fair. Samantha crawls onto the bed on top of Steven and begins kissing him between words. She says she liked working with him and likes the idea of them still discovering new things about each other. Discovery is good, says Steven. Careful, Sam, you're going to talk yourself into some sexual corners here. She takes this opportunity to ask what happened in Senegal. Steven laughs and asks if this is sexpionage. Yes, Steven; unfortunately, it is.

-- Pablo G. is some guy who lives in San Antonio, Texas. Check him out at Space Monkeys!, The Cowboys Blog, and follow him @PendejoJoe on Twitter.

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